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California in the 1930s

Do some research on California, particularly the Los Angeles area, in the 1930s and create a multimedia presentation to share with the class.

I've Got a Crutch on You

Pretend that you are Walter pretending to have a broken ankle use a crutch at school for a day. Be careful that you don't fall and break anything for real!

Write a Poem or Song

Write a poem or song about some aspect of the novel.

Music of the 1930s

Research the music of the 1930s and create a CD which could be a background for the story.

Name the Characters

The author names his characters to embody their personalities. What alternate names can you suggest for the main characters if they were to live in the 21st century?

Character Charades

Write the names of the characters from the novel on slips of paper and...

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