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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bel Iblis was rumored dead at ____.
(a) Hoth.
(b) Anchoron.
(c) Dantooine.
(d) Endor.

2. ____ is the name of the bounty hunter that Mara kills.
(a) Dengar Roth.
(b) Dengar Toth.
(c) Delmar Roth.
(d) Delmar Toth.

3. Han wants to look for links regarding the money entering ____.
(a) Ackbar's account.
(b) The New Republic Grand Bank.
(c) Fey'lya's account.
(d) Hold of the Millennium Falcon.

4. Bel Iblis is originally from the same planet as Han, so they are both ____.
(a) Corellian.
(b) Endorian.
(c) Coruscanian.
(d) Ysalimarian.

5. Bel Iblis' headquarters is called ____ Nest.
(a) Eagle's
(b) Peregrine's.
(c) Falcon's
(d) Hawk's

Short Answer Questions

1. Han learns that ____ is under house arrest.

2. At the space station, Lando is waiting for ____.

3. Bringing Lando into the conversation, Han asks about Bel Iblis' relations with ____.

4. C'baoth refuses at present to talk about the ____ mission, which he alone survived.

5. Luke learns that C'baoth would now be over ____ years old.

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain the twisted view that the Noghiri take of Darth Vader and the empire.

2. What is Leia's relationship with the Noghiri?

3. Explain how Ferrier's presence in the first section of the book reinforces Thrawn's plan.

4. Explain C'baoth's lesson to Luke about pain.

5. What is Han's moral character like, based on chapters three and four?

6. Explain how Mara's role in things to come is foreshadowed in this section.

7. Explain why C'baoth is acting strange with regard to wanting to complete Luke and Leia's Jedi training, as well as that of Leia's children.

8. Who is Joruus C'baoth?

9. Describe Thrawn's apparent goal, according to chapters 1 and 2.

10. Why do Khabarakh and Chewie dislike each other?

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