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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Fey'lya's assistant's name is ____ Breil'lya.
(a) Tyr.
(b) Tul.
(c) Tav.
(d) Tek.

2. ____ is the first survivor of Sluis Van to return.
(a) Han.
(b) Mara.
(c) Leia.
(d) Luke.

3. The clan dynasts are meeting with their Imperial Lord at the city of ____.
(a) Nornumbo City.
(b) Nimbytu City.
(c) Ninto City.
(d) Nystao City.

4. Death's Head will meet Han at ____.
(a) Palachi.
(b) Parvati.
(c) Pelgori.
(d) Palanhi.

5. On Jomark, Luke feels that a volcanic lake on the south shore is right for a reclusive ____.
(a) Rodian.
(b) Jedi Master.
(c) Wookie.
(d) Sullustan.

Short Answer Questions

1. Khabarakh is impressed that Leia is ____ 's daughter.

2. New Cov is a planet prospering on exports of biomolecules harvested from ____.

3. C'baoth's first name is ____.

4. Sluis ____ is a space station.

5. Mount ____ is the name of the place where Thrawn is recruiting allies with warships and building up his operation.

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Thrawn's apparent goal, according to chapters 1 and 2.

2. Explain the role that Talon Karrde plays in the first section of the book.

3. Do you think that the Imperials respect C'baoth because they call him Master?

4. Explain the significance of the piece of Corellian artwork that Thrawn is inspecting that startles Pellaeon.

5. What is the Katana Fleet and who knows about it?

6. Explain how Ferrier's presence in the first section of the book reinforces Thrawn's plan.

7. Explain Leia's feelings about how the Noghiri are treating her.

8. What is Leia's relationship with the Noghiri?

9. What is Leia's attitude when the maitrakh describes why the planet is in debt to Vader and the Empire.

10. Explain C'baoth's lesson to Luke about pain.

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