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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 23-24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Threepio is telling stories to a group of children and Khabarakh is teaching Chewie ____.
(a) Dance moves.
(b) Cooking.
(c) Fighting moves.
(d) Droid repair.

2. Unable to bear letting Karrde think she has betrayed him, Mara risks breaking into ____.
(a) Thrawn's command room.
(b) Karrde's cell.
(c) The computer system.
(d) Thrawn's sleeping quarters.

3. C'baoth feels a tremor in the ____.
(a) Dark Side.
(b) Volcano.
(c) Force.
(d) Ground.

4. Although C'baoth feels the tremor, he senses no danger towards ____.
(a) Mara.
(b) Thrawn.
(c) Luke.
(d) Himself.

5. Khabarakh calls ____ the protector of his people.
(a) Han.
(b) Darth Vader.
(c) Leia.
(d) Thrawn.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the Grand Dukha, the spokesman's name is ____ .

2. Wedge introduces himself as Han's representative in handing the ship, named ____ over to Mara.

3. ____ is Lando's last name.

4. Chewie stows ____ in a large hanging dish and scrambles into a booth.

5. Bel Iblis organizes the meeting with Mon Mothma and Bail Organa that starts the ____ , for which Mon Mothma now takes credit.

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