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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 23-24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Leia's assistant has perfect ____.
(a) Sense of smell.
(b) Memory.
(c) Eyesight.
(d) Hearing.

2. Bringing Lando into the conversation, Han asks about Bel Iblis' relations with ____.
(a) Mara.
(b) Karrde.
(c) Breil'lya.
(d) Ackbar.

3. Mara finds the prisoner list, upcoming shift changes, daily orders and ____.
(a) Departure times.
(b) Medical records.
(c) Meal lists.
(d) Destinations.

4. Lando suggests a deal for Bel Iblis and his people where Lando and Han offer their advocacy in exchange for information on the ____.
(a) Grand Admiral.
(b) New Death Star.
(c) Katana Fleet.
(d) Dark Jedi.

5. Han lets slip that a Grand Admiral heads the ____.
(a) X-Wing Squadron.
(b) Empire.
(c) Jedi.
(d) Space station.

Short Answer Questions

1. C'baoth reprimands Luke for leaving his ____ .

2. Thrawn learns that the Flacon is at ____.

3. Facing Thrawn, Mara lunges for his throat but ____ restrains her.

4. Mara sees that C'baoth is ____.

5. Luke and Lando hear the siren after leaving the Mishra ____.

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