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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 23-24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. ____ is Thrawn's title.
(a) Grand Moff.
(b) Grand Marshall.
(c) Grand Admiral.
(d) Grand Emperor

2. Hans' captor, Irenez, hands his effects to a taller and authoritative woman named ____.
(a) Sylvia.
(b) Sulna.
(c) Stumbra.
(d) Sena.

3. ____ is Karrde's first name.
(a) Talon.
(b) Claw.
(c) Beak.
(d) Feathers.

4. Han suspects that Ackbar was set up by ____.
(a) Fey'lya.
(b) Lando.
(c) Mon Mothma.
(d) Luke.

5. Luke decides that he must go to ____ to see about C'baoth.
(a) Jomark.
(b) Hoth.
(c) Wayland.
(d) Coruscant.

Short Answer Questions

1. Before the metallic Grand Dukha stand the thirteen male ____ .

2. Leia realizes that "thirdson" means ____.

3. Bel Iblis was rumored dead at ____.

4. Mount ____ is the name of the place where Thrawn is recruiting allies with warships and building up his operation.

5. Mara chooses a harrowing vertical landing on a ledge and starts to climb toward the rim when Artoo arrives in a ____.

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