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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 15-16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Luke meets C'baoth, Luke worries about C'baoth's sudden____.
(a) Disappearance.
(b) Heart attack.
(c) Topic and mood shifts.
(d) Loss of memory.

2. Luke learns that C'baoth would now be over ____ years old.
(a) 300.
(b) 200.
(c) 400.
(d) 100.

3. Luke decides that he must go to ____ to see about C'baoth.
(a) Hoth.
(b) Wayland.
(c) Jomark.
(d) Coruscant.

4. Khabarakh's planet is named ____.
(a) Hornoug.
(b) Hognour.
(c) Honoghr.
(d) Honorgum.

5. Khabarakh calls ____ the protector of his people.
(a) Leia.
(b) Darth Vader.
(c) Han.
(d) Thrawn.

Short Answer Questions

1. When a Barabel and a ____ face off with blasters, Luke is enlisted to mediate.

2. Han decides to go to ____ to investigate the money incident.

3. ____ is the name of the squdron that Han says engaged TIE Fighters.

4. Threepio laments not numbering Noghri among his six million ____.

5. While Chewie and 3CPO make repairs, Leia suddenly ____.

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