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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 21-22.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When a Barabel and a ____ face off with blasters, Luke is enlisted to mediate.
(a) Romulan.
(b) Rellian.
(c) Rodian.
(d) Rombuscan.

2. C'baoth cripples Svan when he dives for his weapon and orders Luke not to ____.
(a) Take the man's place in the battle.
(b) Heal the man's burns.
(c) Help the man to stand up.
(d) Run away.

3. Karrde declares that ____ will benefit from Karrde's release.
(a) The Empire.
(b) Luke and Mara.
(c) The New Republic.
(d) The Wookies.

4. Luke refuses to finish off the stunned Jedi, hoping to ____.
(a) Turn him to the light side.
(b) Learn from him.
(c) Save him.
(d) Torture him.

5. On Jomark, Luke feels that a volcanic lake on the south shore is right for a reclusive ____.
(a) Wookie.
(b) Jedi Master.
(c) Rodian.
(d) Sullustan.

Short Answer Questions

1. Breil'lya claims that Han should be ____.

2. When word comes that Karrde is missing, Thrawn orders Karrde to be ____.

3. When the Falcon arrives at Endor, Endor's moon is ____.

4. Luke sees a rustic village and a ____ perched on the rim.

5. Fey'lya's assistant's name is ____ Breil'lya.

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