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This is the Imperial Star Destroyer serving as flagship of Grand Admiral Thrawn, this place is commanded by the cautious Capt. Pellaeon.


This is the center of the New Republic and this place is viewed selectively in this novel. Mara Jade, the former Emperor's Hand, returns to this place for the first time since the Emperor's death and recalls its splendor and personalities nostalgically.


This place is where Dark Jedi Master C'baoth expects to again to meet Luke Skywalker and this time bring Luke under his control.

Katana Fleet / Dark Force

A half-century before Dark Force Rising and ten years before the infamous Clone Wars, this thing is lost in space when a hive virus infects the crews, driving them mad before killing them. Some 200 heavy cruisers have been linked by full-rig slave circuitry so crews of 16,000 can be reduced to 2,000. Fifteen years before the...

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