Dark Force Rising Character Descriptions

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Grand Admiral Thrawn

This person is the last survivor of the twelve white-uniformed Grand Admirals named by the late Emperor. With light-blue-skin and glowing red eyes, this person is obviously not entirely of human heritage, but their demonstrated military genius transcends Imperial prejudice and for five years this person has commanded the Empire since the Emperor and Darth Vader's deaths. This person studies the artwork of peoples he is about to attack, looking for psychological clues to their weaknesses.

Han Solo

This person inevitably wears a lopsided smile, ignores or mistreats the droids, and recklessly jumps into action. This person continues to own the Millennium Falcon, flying with co-pilot Chewbacca, although in this novel he often flies with Lando Calrissian while Leia takes the Falcon on her own missions. This person is troubled at Admiral Ackbar's disdain for him and Lando Calrissian after they resign their commissions as...

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