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Short Answer Questions

1. What animals fight alongside Ymor, if called upon?

2. Who is Gorphal?

3. Two characters are watching the city burn from the hillside overlooking the village. Which of these two men is a swordsman?

4. As they sit in Broadman's establishment, what are Twoflower and Broadman discussing?

5. What is Rerpf concerned with?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why can't the researchers answer their questions regarding the great turtle's gender?

2. Why do the thieves and trolls abandon the fight at the Broken Drum?

3. As Rincewind concludes his tale, what puzzles Rincewind?

4. How do the two men on the hillside know that the two riders have come from the burning cities?

5. What is the Luggage made from?

6. Why is Rerpf concerned about the city's reputation?

7. What is the agreement between Ymor and Zlorf?

8. What does Withel insist upon as he confronts Rincewind?

9. What does the bronze octagon on Rincewind's clothing signify?

10. As Rincewind concludes his tale, what puzzles Bravd?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the story, Death pays several visits to Rincewind. Describe the relationship between these two characters. How do the events of the gods' game impact Death's attempts to collect Rincewind's soul? Is Death affected by his inability to collect Rincewind? If so, how? Is Rincewind affected by Death's inability to collect his soul? If so, how? Why does the author include this subplot in the story?

Essay Topic 2

The Luggage accompanies Twoflower to Morpork and follows Twoflower throughout the entire story.

a. What is the author's intent in creating a magical creature that follows the main character throughout the story?

b. What are Luggage's three most prominent characteristics? How do these characteristics impact the main character's life and actions as the story progresses?

Essay Topic 3

Many times throughout the story, Rincewind's wizardry skills come into question. Describe Rincewind's magical capabilities. How do his magical capabilities both help and hinder the situations that he and Twoflower find themselves in? Provide specific examples. How does being called a "gutter wizard" effect Rincewind's self-esteem, confidence, and willingness to prove himself a "real" magician? Support your answer.

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