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The Luggage

This is made of sapient pearwood and is fiercely loyal.


This is the magic black sword.


This is the oldest city in the land.

Great A'Tuin

This is the turtle upon whose back the story's universe rests.

Circle Sea

This is the main waterway in the land.


This is an alternate universe with a flat, round shape.

Broken Drum

This is a tavern where the main character spends his first night in town.

Bes Palargic

This is the city the main character calls home.

Agatean Empire

This is a region on the Counterweight Continent.

Counterweight Continent

This land is rumored to be made of gold.


This is the main unit of currency in the main character's homeland.


This is the language that the two main characters use to communicate with each other.

Unseen University

This is a wizardry school.



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