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Essay Topic 1

Bergson had three thesis of movement. Briefly describe each one. Then explain how they are connected and how they are relevant to film.

Essay Topic 2

Describe both first and second level involved in film making. Explain how a filmmaker can use both the first and second level in unique ways. What should a good filmmaker do during both first and second level preparation to make a successful film?

Essay Topic 3

Why is montage significant to film? How does a filmmaker create a montage? Why would a filmmaker want to use a montage? What are the characteristics of a montage in comparison to other types of shots?

Essay Topic 4

Compare Soviet and pre-war French films. How does dialectic composition differ from mechanical composition? Which technique do you think is stronger?

Essay Topic 5

Describe the conflict between Husserl and Bergson. Who do you think is right in their...

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