Cinema 1: The Movement-Image Character Descriptions

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Gilles Deleuze

This man is the professor of philosophy who wrote this text among several other books.

Henri Bergson

This man is the philosopher against whom the author launches his critical analyses.

Sergei Eisenstein

This man is a Russian film director who represents the Soviet school.

D.W. Griffith

This man is an American director who discovers composition of movement-images as an organism or organic unity.


This man is a director in the Soviet school who develops a system of universal variation to define cine-eye, or camera as the instrument that is the pure vision of a non-human eye to unite any point in any order in the universe.

Buster Keaton

This man is an American actor who puts burlesque that belongs in the small form directly into the large form as he does in opening Our Hospitality and Steamboat Bill Junior with a Cyclone.

C. S. Pierce

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