Cinema 1: The Movement-Image Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Theses on movement, First commentary on Bergson

• Deleuze says that filmmakers should be thought of as thinkers.
• Bergson had three theses about movement.
• Bergson identified movement as translation in space.

Frame and Shot, Framing and Cutting

• The first level consists of the frame and sub-sets of elements that make up the frame.
• The second level consists of shot and movement determined by cutting.
• A montage occurs with a fixed camera with a frame that offers a spectator frontal view on an unmoving set.


• The third level is the whole and the composition of movement images and the indirect image of time.
• Eisentstein is the leader of the Soviet school of film.
• Gance is the leader of the pre-war French school of film, characterized by mechanical movement.

The Movement-Image and its Three Varieties, Second Commentary on Bergson

• Husserl claimed that consciousness is "of" something, but Bergson claimed that...

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