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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What word makes Chad's grandmother fall to her feet praying in "My Manuscript"?
(a) Sin
(b) Homosexual
(c) Guitar
(d) Priest

2. In "We Get Along", why is Evelyne obsessed with the initials W.S.?
(a) They belong to her dead husband.
(b) They belong to a man she left to marry the narrator's father.
(c) They belong to her son.
(d) They belong to a woman her husband had an affair with.

3. What is Drew majoring in at CCCC in "Glen's Homophobia Newsletter"?
(a) Psychology
(b) Criminal Justice
(c) Auto Mechanics
(d) Agricultural Science

4. Why does the narrator of "Music for Lovers" think it is pointless for his daughter to listen to dance music?
(a) He thinks she is destined for a career as a nightclub singer.
(b) She does not have legs, and therefore, cannot dance.
(c) He will not allow her out of the house to go to dances.
(d) She does not have feet, and therefore, cannot dance.

5. In "Glen's Homophobia Newsletter", what does Glen picture Drew as in one of his "dreams"?
(a) An apple
(b) Christ on the cross
(c) A troll
(d) A tree

Short Answer Questions

1. How often is "Glen's Homophobia Newsletter" published?

2. What does the narrator of "The Last You'll Hear From Me" encourage those attending her funeral to throw at Randy and Annette?

3. Why does Glen urge readers to boycott Dave's Kwik Stop in "Glen's Homophobia Newsletter"?

4. What does the narrator of "Music for Lovers" think the source of his daughter's headaches is?

5. What does Chad refuse to do when his brother is born in "My Manuscript"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What specific directions does the narrator of "The Last You'll Hear From Me" give Eileen for the dress she is to wear to the funeral?

2. Describe the narrator's experience with the woman on the bus in "Firestone".

3. Describe a typical first date for the "old" version of the narrator of "Parade".

4. What prompts Mr. Holt to send Chad to Mr. Chatam for guitar lessons in "My Manuscript"?

5. How does the narrator of "Parade" describe Patrick Buchanan?

6. Describe the scene at Barbra Streisand's house in "Don's Story".

7. In "We Get Along", what do the narrator and his mother do late at night? Why?

8. What is the tone of the story "Parade"? How does the author create this tone?

9. How does Chad conduct research for his book in "My Manuscript"?

10. What does Glen dream about in "Glen's Homophobia Newsletter"? What does he tell Drew he dreamed about? Why?

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