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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT a topic of discussion when the narrator works renovating an apartment?
(a) Death
(b) Art
(c) Windows
(d) Women

2. What is Don's legal name in "Season's Greetings...."?
(a) Timothy, Jr.
(b) Don
(c) Satan Speaks
(d) Relinquish Satan

3. Which of the following is NOT a behavior exhibited by parents in the photo area in "Santaland Diaries"?
(a) Yelling at their children
(b) Ordering their children where to look during pictures
(c) Posing their children for pictures
(d) Grooming of their children

4. What does the narrator order at the hotel bar in "After Malison"?
(a) A martini
(b) A daiquiri
(c) A soda
(d) A boilermaker

5. Who is Cassandra Lane in "After Malison"?
(a) Malison's former girlfriend
(b) Malison's current girlfriend
(c) The narrator's friend from New York City
(d) A woman in the audience at Malison's reading

6. Where is Mrs. Dunbar, supposedly, when Don is killed in "Season's Greetings..."?
(a) At the Dunbar's home
(b) In bed
(c) At her neighbor, Cherise's house
(d) Christmas shopping

7. Who is Lonnie Tipit in "Season's Greetings..."?
(a) A teacher at the Dunbar children's school
(b) A Vietnamese interpreter
(c) Khe Sahn's uncle
(d) One of the Dunbars' neighbors

8. Who did the narrator of "Jamboree" believe would want to "cash in" on his sister's success?
(a) Their step-mother
(b) Their mother
(c) Their father
(d) His brother-in-law

9. What does the narrator notice about all of the people hired as elves in "Santaland Diaries"?
(a) They are all unemployed actors.
(b) They are all short.
(c) They are all Caucasian.
(d) They are all 18-25 years old.

10. What does the author pretend he has won in "The Curly Kind"?
(a) The lottery
(b) An Academy Award
(c) A Nobel Prize
(d) Emmy awards

11. What does Sedaris think every male reader of "Giantess" longs for?
(a) Infancy
(b) Size
(c) Punishment
(d) A woman

12. What does Hugh require that the narrator do each time he smokes in "Diary of a Smoker"?
(a) Go outside
(b) Open all the windows
(c) Blow the smoke out of the window
(d) Consider the effects of second-hand smoke

13. Which celebrity does the narrator feel the need to point out to visitors to Santa Land in "Santaland Diaries"?
(a) Phil Collins
(b) Walter Cronkite
(c) Simone from "General Hospital"
(d) Goldie Hawn

14. Who is the narrator in "After Malison"?
(a) Anastasia
(b) Bethany
(c) Professor Brouner
(d) Malison

15. What is the Magic Star in "Santaland Diaries"?
(a) Where people stand to see Santa through a window
(b) Where the line into Santa Land begins
(c) Where children tell Santa what they want for Christmas
(d) Where children share their wishes

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator find in a copy of Mein Kampf in "Barrel Fever"?

2. What do the siblings find in sealed boxes after their mother dies in "Barrel Fever"?

3. What job did Sedaris hope to get on "One Life to Live" in "Santaland Diaries"?

4. Why does the narrator's mother ask her husband to go back to their house when she is headed to the hospital with pneumonia in "Diary of A Smoker"?

5. Why does the narrator's father refuse to see his grandson in "Jamboree"?

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