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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 13-16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Mr. Chatam in "My Manuscript"?
(a) He is Terry's father.
(b) He is Chad's father.
(c) He is Chad's guitar teacher.
(d) He is a priest at Chad's church.

2. What reason does the author give for wanting to work at UPS in "Santaland Diaries"?
(a) He hears they have excellent benefits.
(b) He sees it as an opportunity to utilize his leadership skills.
(c) He desperately needs money.
(d) He likes the uniform.

3. Where does Glen ask Drew to put the telephone in order to help him remember his dream in "Glen's Homophobia Newsletter"?
(a) Under his pillow
(b) On the floor
(c) In his underwear
(d) Closer to his ear

4. How does Melinda Delvecchio act towards Glen in "Glen's Homophobia Newsletter"?
(a) She is standoffish and rude.
(b) She is extremely homophobic.
(c) She overcompensates for her hatred of Glen.
(d) She is overly friendly and flirtatious.

5. What does the narrator of "The Last You'll Hear From Me" encourage those attending her funeral to throw at Randy and Annette?
(a) Stones
(b) Chairs
(c) Paperweights
(d) Insults

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Taylor given many of the narrator's job duties in "Firestone"?

2. The phrases "'I hope it doesn't tire him out'" and "'the original boob tube'" in "Firestone" are examples of...

3. What bothers the narrator of "Music for Lovers" most about his daughter's boyfriend, Rusty?

4. What is Don's profession in "Don's Story"?

5. What excuse does Malison give to Bethany for not going out for a drink with her in "After Malison"?

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