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Chapters 1-4

1. What is the reason for the narrator's appearance on the Oprah show in "Parade"?
(a) He loves his sister too much.
(b) His parents failed to give him the love he deserved.
(c) He used to love others too much.
(d) No one has ever loved him.

2. How did the narrator in "Parade" solve his debilitating life problems?
(a) He went through extensive psychotherapy.
(b) He worked through them on his own.
(c) He watched Oprah religiously.
(d) He turned to God.

3. What point of view is "Parade" written in?
(a) Third person limited
(b) First person
(c) Second person
(d) Third person omniscient

4. What does the narrator of "Parade" say people are constantly asking him for?
(a) Attention
(b) Approval
(c) Money
(d) Advice

5. How does the narrator of "Parade" think people who have never met him feel about him?
(a) They detest him.
(b) They love him.
(c) They want to know him because he will love them too much.
(d) They are dying to get to know him.

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