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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are the other tenants living in the house with Denise?
(a) Drug dealers.
(b) Prostitutes.
(c) Orphans.
(d) Ex-criminals.

2. Who is Paul Vallagnosc?
(a) A school friend of Mouret's.
(b) Mouret's concierge.
(c) Mouret's brother-in-law.
(d) Mouret's financial adviser.

3. Who is Mouret's right-hand man?
(a) Becotte.
(b) Bourdain.
(c) Boisseau.
(d) Bourdoncle.

4. What is Denise's constant worry?
(a) Jean's health issues.
(b) Getting a better job.
(c) Having enough money.
(d) Learning a new skill.

5. Why does Bourdoncle have Denise fired?
(a) For coming in late too much.
(b) For being with a man in the basement.
(c) For insulting a customer.
(d) For stealing clothes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who declares his love for Denise despite the fact that she only wants to be friends with him?

2. Which of the following does Bourras NOT bring Denise when Pepe gets sick?

3. What happens when Denise pushes Jouve away from her?

4. Mouret wants to partner with Baron Hartmann to ___________________.

5. Who is the buyer in the ladies' wear department?

Short Essay Questions

1. What realization does Robineau come to regarding Denise's opinion on why large stores are so successful?

2. Why is Mouret uncomfortable with the way Madame Desforges flaunts their relationship?

3. Why does Denise's rejection of Mouret's advances leave him confused?

4. Explain the imagery of comparing the store to a church or temple.

5. What is the burgeoning awareness between Mouret and Denise?

6. Why can Baudu no longer honor the offer he had made to Denise a year ago?

7. What are Mouret's expansion plans?

8. How does the relationship between Denise and Mouret evolve in Chapter 7?

9. Describe some of Denise's feelings as she learns her way around the store and the employees.

10. How are the neighborhood stores faring in comparing to the big department store?

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