Au Bonheur Des Dames = the Ladies' Delight Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

* Twenty-year-old Denise and her younger brothers, Pepe and Jean leave their hometown of Valgones and come to Paris a year after the deaths of their parents.

* Denise hopes to find a job with her Uncle Baudu's shop in order to support herself and her brothers.

* While looking for Uncle Baudu's shop, Denise catches sight of a magnificent department store called Au Bonheur des Dames.

* Uncle Baudu is caught off guard by the arrival of Denise and her brothers and does not have a job to offer them in his struggling store.

* Jean has an apprenticeship and Uncle Baudu's wife, Madame Baudu, and his daughter Genevieve know of a place where Pepe can find work.

* Uncle Baudu takes Denise to meet Vincard, a silk shop owner who has been looking for a salesgirl.

* Vincard is trying to sell his business to Robineau, the assistant silk buyer at Au...

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