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Short Answer Questions

1. What object does the girl try to keep Lancelot from seeing?

2. With Lancelot's arrival to the land of Meleagant, what does King Bademagu attempt to do?

3. What does Sir Gawain prevent Lancelot from doing when they see Queen Guinevere captive?

4. When Laudine refuses to perjure herself, what does this demonstrate?

5. Who does Yvain fall in love with and marry?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are some instances in which Lancelot's appeal to women is depicted?

2. What are a few examples of Lancelot's demonstrating his love for the Queen in The Knight of the Cart?

3. Why does Yvain go in search of the spring?

4. How is Lunete's identity foreshadowed when Yvain comes across her as a prisoner?

5. What are two ways that Yvain shows his love for Laudine?

6. Even though there is a lot of indication of magic and sorcery, what is the only real magic displayed in The Knight of the Cart?

7. What agreement do Yvain and Laudine come to when Yvain is told of King Arthur's tournament?

8. What is the story behind the storm stone in The Knight with the Lion?

9. Why does Lunete offer to help Yvain escape when he is trapped?

10. Describe what can be understood of Calogrenant and Kay's characters when they see the Queen in The Knight with the Lion.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the idea of what an adventure, journey, or quest is. Are they all the same or does each term mean something different? How are the tales driven by one of these, and how important is it? Use specific examples from each tale.

Essay Topic 2

A large part of Arthurian Romances centers around the idea of knights in shining armor. Explore this idea and research the codes and morals of knighthood. What did it mean to be a knight, especially a knight who served King Arthur? What rules were meant to be followed? What was the difference between King Arthur's knights and others, if any? Who are the knights in the five tales? How does each knight depict knighthood? What are the similarities? What are the differences?

Essay Topic 3

The fourth story in the Arthurian Romances is The Knight with the Lion. Choose one of the following topics to discuss in regards to the tale. Be sure to use specific examples from the text and use additional outside research where necessary to completely answer the questions.

a) Yvain is known as The Knight with the Lion, which is also the title of this story. Discuss how he comes about this name and why it is significant to the plot.

b) It is said that this story is one of de Troyes' most perfect romances. Discuss why and how this might be. You may use comparisons to the other tales as support.

c) Discuss the relationship between Yvain and Laudine and Yvain and Lunete. Both women play important roles in the tale. Compare and contrast each one's relationship to Yvain and how each is significant to the plot.

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