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Short Answer Questions

1. On which holiday does the tale Erec and Enide start off?

2. What suggestion does Fenice make to Cliges to escape from Alis?

3. Who kidnaps Fenice?

4. What is discovered to happen to any man who goes in search of the Joy of the Court?

5. What have the giants done that causes Erec to go in pursuit of them?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is an example of nurse Thessala's cunning in Cliges?

2. What is the irony behind Alis' choosing of John to build Fenice's tomb in Cliges?

3. Why do Erec and Enide leave King Arthur's court?

4. Briefly describe the initial attraction and relationship between Alexander and Soredamour, in Cliges.

5. When and why is Alexander knighted, in Cliges?

6. What foreshadows the eventual discovery of the two secret lovers in Cliges?

7. In Cliges, what does the fading of the golden thread and retention of Soredamor's golden hair in Alexander's shirt sleeve symbolize and foreshadow?

8. Give a brief description of the knight, Erec, from Erec and Enide.

9. In Cliges, what is the irony behind the golden hairs stitched into the shirt that Alexander receives from the Queen?

10. What is the meaning of the hunt for the white stag in Erec and Enide?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Choose any two of the five stories to compare and contrast. You can narrow it down to comparing and contrasting a particular element or certain concepts in the stories. Use specific examples to support your claims.

Essay Topic 2

The third story in the Arthurian Romances is The Knight of the Cart. Choose one of the following topics to discuss in regards to the tale. Be sure to use specific examples from the text and use additional outside research where necessary to completely answer the questions.

a) In this story, Camelot is mentioned for the first time. Research the idea behind Camelot. What is Camelot and why is it the most famous court of King Arthur's courts? Who created it, and why is it the first time mentioned here?

b) Lancelot is a character created by de Troyes for the purpose of creating the relationship between him and Queen Guinevere. Discuss Lancelot as a character and his relationship with the queen. What does the story tell us?

c) The Knight of the Cart displays a lot of irony and humor. Discuss the many examples of irony and humor in the story and what it tells the reader.

Essay Topic 3

Although called Arthurian Romances, King Arthur himself plays a very minor role in the stories, as does Queen Guinevere. Discuss their appearances in the five tales and how they differ or are the same. Analyze each character and their relationships with one another.

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