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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What causes Alexander to return home to Greece?
(a) The news of his brother's death, meaning he has to be emperor.
(b) The news of his father and brother's death, meaning he has to be emperor.
(c) The news of his mother's death and his brother becoming emperor.
(d) The news of his father's death and his brother becoming emperor.

2. When Cliges finally reveals his identity to Sir Gawain and King Arthur, what do they do?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Banish him.
(c) Embrace him.
(d) Kill him.

3. Who discovers Fenice and Cliges together?
(a) Alis.
(b) Bertrand.
(c) Thessala.
(d) John.

4. What challenge does Alis try to dissuade Cliges from accepting?
(a) Battling the Duke of Saxony's nephew.
(b) Battling Alis himself.
(c) Battling the Duke of Saxony.
(d) Battling the German Emperor.

5. Why does Enide break her promise to Erec as they are traveling?
(a) She is bored and needs a distraction.
(b) She does not break her promise.
(c) She sees men approaching Erec for a fight and warns him.
(d) She no longer loves Erec and wants to break the marriage.

Short Answer Questions

1. What object is described in great detail as having been made by fairies?

2. After the Joy has ended, what does Erec decide to do?

3. At King Arthur's court, what is the color of armor that Cliges wears on the second day of the tournament?

4. What is Erec's status in life?

5. What happens to Enide once Erec has returned to her after slaying the giants?

Short Essay Questions

1. in Cliges, why does Alexander not want to become a knight in Greece?

2. What advice of his father's does Cliges follow?

3. How does Fenice allude to Tristan and Isolde in Cliges?

4. When and why is Alexander knighted, in Cliges?

5. Why do Erec and Enide leave King Arthur's court?

6. In Cliges, what does the fading of the golden thread and retention of Soredamor's golden hair in Alexander's shirt sleeve symbolize and foreshadow?

7. In Cliges, Alexander and Alis make a pact. What is this pact, and what does the agreement of the pact say about Alis' character?

8. In Cliges, what is the irony behind the golden hairs stitched into the shirt that Alexander receives from the Queen?

9. Discuss the treatment towards Erec by the King when they meet again en route, in Erec and Enide.

10. What foreshadows the eventual discovery of the two secret lovers in Cliges?

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