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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Erec befriend after a fight?
(a) Guivret the Small.
(b) Sir Gawain.
(c) Kay.
(d) The count.

2. Who is Fenice?
(a) The German Emperor's daughter.
(b) Queen Guinevere's lady-in-waiting.
(c) King Arthur's niece.
(d) The Greek Emperor's daughter.

3. What is Soredamour's position?
(a) Queen's maiden.
(b) Sir Gawain's wife.
(c) Alexander's wife.
(d) King Arthur's maiden.

4. Where does King Arthur decide to cross over to?
(a) Greece.
(b) Brittany.
(c) Cronwall.
(d) Britain.

5. After the Joy has ended, what does Erec decide to do?
(a) Go back to King Arthur.
(b) Stay with King Evrain.
(c) Continue on his journey.
(d) Seek out another adventure.

6. Who is the first person Erec encounters on his journey for the Joy of the Court?
(a) King Evrain.
(b) An attractive maiden sitting on a bed.
(c) A beast.
(d) A handsome and tall knight.

7. To which two historical figures is King Arthur compared?
(a) Alexander the Great and Ramses I.
(b) Ramses I and Genghis Khan.
(c) Genghis Khan and Julius Caeser.
(d) Alexander the Great and Julius Caeser.

8. What is the first glory of Alexander's knighthood?
(a) Preventing the traitor from killing King Arthur.
(b) Presenting the Queen with his prisoners.
(c) Marrying Soredamour.
(d) Pleding loyalty to King Arthur.

9. Why do the other knights make fun of Erec after he is married for a while?
(a) They feel that he is no longer as brave now that he is married.
(b) They feel that he is no longer a worthy knight because he is no longer single.
(c) They feel that he spends an excessive amount of time with his wife and not enough time in tournaments.
(d) They feel that he spends too much time fighting and not enough time with his new wife.

10. Who discovers Fenice and Cliges together?
(a) Alis.
(b) Bertrand.
(c) Thessala.
(d) John.

11. Which of the following three people do NOT want to marry Fenice?
(a) Cliges.
(b) Alis.
(c) Duke of Saxony.
(d) Duke of Saxony's nephew.

12. Who captures the white stag?
(a) King Arthur.
(b) Erec.
(c) Sir Gawain.
(d) King Yder.

13. What suggestion does Fenice make to Cliges to escape from Alis?
(a) She should kill Alis.
(b) She should elope.
(c) She should fake her death.
(d) She should fake his death.

14. Who does Alexander want to serve?
(a) His father.
(b) The Duke of Saxony.
(c) His brother.
(d) King Arthur.

15. How is the garden enclosed by air?
(a) Wizardry.
(b) Witchcraft.
(c) No explanation is given.
(d) Black magic.

Short Answer Questions

1. What request does Alexander make of the King?

2. What custom does King Arthur wish to revive?

3. At King Arthur's court, what is the color of armor that Cliges wears on the third day of the tournament?

4. Who does Queen Guinevere send second to discover the identity of the maiden who rides with a knight and a dwarf?

5. Who says "Love is worse than Hate because he wounds and destroys his devotee"?

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