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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Knight with the Lion (Yvain).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Alis break his oath to his brother?
(a) By giving up the throne to Cliges.
(b) By retaining the crown.
(c) By deciding to take a wife.
(d) By not giving up the throne to Cliges.

2. Why do the maidens of King Arthur's court plan a tournament?
(a) For entertainment.
(b) To find and declare the best knight.
(c) To find husbands.
(d) For sport.

3. Who is the prisoner that Yvain and the lion come across?
(a) Sir Gawain.
(b) Lunete.
(c) Laudine.
(d) Kay.

4. How is Alis deceived into thinking he has possessed Fenice?
(a) Thessala gives him a potion.
(b) Thessala poses as Fenice.
(c) Fenice gives him a potion.
(d) Fenice has one of her ladies-in-waiting pose as her.

5. What is Yvain's new name?
(a) The Knight of the Lion.
(b) The Knight with the Cart.
(c) The Knight of the Cart.
(d) The Knight with the Lion.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Thessala convince doctors that Fenice is incurably ill?

2. Who goes with Yvain when he leaves?

3. What does Sir Gawain prevent Lancelot from doing when they see Queen Guinevere captive?

4. What does the person from Question #112 give Yvain to prevent him from being seen?

5. Who does Alexander want to serve?

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