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Erec and Enide

• Erec, the son of Lac, is the main character who is introduced as very handsome and young.

• Erec starts out by being company to Queen Guinevere as King Arthur and the other knights go off to hunt the White Stag. Whoever kills the stag is to kiss the most beautiful maiden.

• The Queen asks Erec to approach a knight to find out who the maiden with him is, but is slashed by the knight's dwarf companion, which leads him to set off in pursuit of the knight for revenge.

• The Queen returns to court and suggests that the King wait three days for Erec before deciding who is the most beautiful maiden.
• Erec finds the knight and ends up lodging at an inn. He falls in love with the innkeeper's beautiful daughter and learns of the sparrowhawk contest.

• Erec competes in the contest and fights...

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