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Short Answer Questions

1. In the Story Julnar, The Sea-Born And Her Son King Badr Basim of Persia, what does the maiden deliver?

2. What kind of fish is the first one Khalifah catches in Khalifah The Fisherman of Baghdad?

3. What does the Maghribi wizard pose as in Alaeddin: Or, The Wonderful Lamp?

4. What did Caliph bin Marwan hear about involving Lord Solomon in the story The City of Brass?

5. How much money is spent on the maiden by the king in the Story Julnar, The Sea-Born And Her Son King Badr Basim of Persia?

Short Essay Questions

1. Consider the saying, "The clothes maketh the man." How is this proven in Alaedddin: Or, The Wonderful Lamp?

2. In the tale of Ma'aruf The Cobbler And His Wife Fatimah, Shahrazad demonstrates the difference between a good wife and a wicked one. How could this relate to Shahrazad's goals in the long run between herself and the king?

3. What character trait(s) of the men in the story Julnar The Sea-Born And Her Son King Badr Basim of Persia allow(s) them to be ensnared by Queen Lab?

4. How is the ending of this story from The Ebony Horse a very direct and personally-related implication to the king from Shahrazad?

5. How does the constant questioning of Sindbad the Seaman's identity throughout Sindbad The Seaman And Sindbad The Lands change the view of the nature of his character to listeners?

6. What moral does Shahrazad imply through her story in the story Julnar The Sea-Born And Her Son King Badr Basim of Persia?

7. Consider the saying "One cannot fully escape the past." How is this saying proven in Ma'aruf The Cobbler And His Wife Fatimah?

8. Why might it be in Shahrazad's interests to decide to tell this story to the king in The City of Brass?

9. What is the moral lesson about in The Angel of Death With The Proud King And The Devout Man?

10. In Judar And His Brethren, how does Judar portray his greed?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the story of The Angel of Death With The Proud King And The Devout Man, a wealthy man lived for his own glory while the devout man lived for God, so each man faced death differently: one as loss, the other as gain. The moral lesson is not about wealth or poverty, but about the character of a man. In short, wealth and position are meaningless in the next world because one cannot take his possessions to the grave. Citing specific examples from the tale as your supporting evidence, explore and explain how this tale flies in the face of the cultural and social beliefs of the day.

Essay Topic 2

The Story of King Shahryar and His Brother demonstrates the good of what will come when all characters involved that are suffering turn their fates over to Allah. This is also a consistent theme seen throughout the telling of Shahrazad's tales until the end of the novel itself. Now, Arabian Nights is seen as one of the most powerful and beautiful classics of all times in the literary world. Do you feel that the historical timing of the introduction of this book to society helped its ascension to fame, or hindered it? Would another Arabian Nights be so highly lauded if offered up to the public today, despite its moral teachings?

Consider and recognize:

Islamic culture in Persia at that time.

Stances on religion and appropriateness of religious teachings in schools at this time.

Women's traditional places in the areas discussed in the book at that time.

Women's rights today.

Accepted sexual practices of the political elite at the time.

Unacceptable publicity of sexual practices of the politically elite at that time.

Essay Topic 3

The seemingly random and somewhat humorous story of How Abu Hasan Broke Wind seems to have no apparent places in this plethora of artfully told selection of moralistic tales. Explore the reasons why Shahrazad may have decided to tell this tale. Consider the following background concepts when outlining your essay:

Characters' intentions/reasonings.

Length of the book itself.

Length of the tale.

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