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Short Answer Questions

1. _______ seize the sweep while he is working and bring him to the noble lady.

2. What does the Kurd do when he sees Ali with what he is holding?

3. What do the sons of the Wazir of Cairo think they should do in order to have a son and a daughter so that the cousins will pledge to marry?

4. Ali the Persian tells the first story of traveling to Baghdad bearing a what?

5. After refusing marriage a second time, the king becomes enraged with Kamar and does what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Shahrazad teach the king through The Sweep and The Noble Lady?

2. What kind of moral is offered in the story in The Man Who Stole The Dish of Gold Wherein The Dog Ate?

3. In the story of The Ruined Man Who Became Rich Again Through A Dream, Shahrazad reminds King Shahryar that a life lived in faith is rewarding. Why is this an important reminder from Shahrazad to the king?

4. How in the Tale of Ghanim in Ayyub, The Distraught, The Thrall O'Love does Shahrazad strive to replace King Shahryar's distrust of women with doubt over his belief?

5. In The Sweep and The Noble Lady, how did the Emir's pardon of the sweep seem just, although it was not the ultimate punishment (death)?

6. What does Shahrazad teach the king through her story In The Tale of Ma'an Son of Zaidah and The Badawi?

7. What are the fundamental differences in value systems between the duck and the three other animals; peahen, peacock and antelope metioned in The Tale of The Birds And The Beasts And The Carpenter?

8. In Hatim Of the Tribe of Tayy, how does this story blur the lines between the living and the dead?

9. How is the main character in the story of The Ruined Man Who Became Rich Again Through A Dream rewarded for his faith?

10. What does the circular nature and connectedness of the happenings in The Tale of The Three Apples imply?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In The Tale of The Three Apples, the circular nature and connectedness of the happenings in Chapter 3 could arguably imply that there is a higher intention or being in power that if tapped, will lead the way to freedom and an improved life. In what way is this kind of fate/faith-based lesson-telling indicative of the times during which these tales were compiled?

Please keep in mind historical background, Islamic culture, and advantages to the author for the purposes of developing Shahrazad and the king's relationship.

Essay Topic 2

In this tale of Alaeddin: Or, The Wonderful Lamp, Shahrazad creates a character of mythological proportions who achieves greatness despite social, financial, educational, and logical obstacles. Perhaps it is Shahrazad's goal to humanize the poor through one individual so that the king can appreciate that the poor are as human as he is. Please expand upon all aspects of Alaeddin's struggles in relation to the king's own. Compare and contrast their similarities and differences.

Essay Topic 3

Shahrazad's feminine heroism leaves for a depth of literary interpretation. Her story can be seen as a feminist critique insofar as it criticizes the weaknesses of a masculinity that is constructed on the image of power, control and domination. Yet Shahrazad's response remains within the parameters established for women by Islam.

Reviewing and referring to the tales you find most telling of her role, characterize Shahrazad's personality and critique her abilities to make her intentions a reality.

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