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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11, The City of Many-Columned Iram and Abdullah Son of Abi Kalibah.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who sends the angel?
(a) An ocean spirit.
(b) Allah.
(c) A demon.
(d) A jinni.

2. The hermit is tested by being sent an angel in the form of a what?
(a) Fairy.
(b) Bird.
(c) Child.
(d) Woman.

3. What comes out of the black jar after the fisherman rubs it?
(a) Sand.
(b) A Jinni.
(c) 20 dinars.
(d) A demon.

4. At the end of the story of The Three Apples, what tale does Ja'afar refer to?
(a) The tale of the Jinni's wife.
(b) The tale of the 3 birds.
(c) The tale of Nur al-Din Ali.
(d) The tale of Kalyandi al-Din.

5. Upon meeting the angel, the hermit does what?
(a) Takes it as a pet.
(b) Ignores it.
(c) Sends it away.
(d) Makes it his slave.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Hatim of the Tribe of Tayy died, where was he buried?

2. In The Tale of Kamar Al-Zaman, what does Kamar chase for ten days?

3. If the tale impresses the Caliph, what does he promise to do?

4. Kamar says that marriage would be the 'cup of death' because......?

5. After refusing marriage a second time, the king becomes enraged with Kamar and does what?

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