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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11, The City of Many-Columned Iram and Abdullah Son of Abi Kalibah.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In The Tale of Kamar al-Zaman, what do Maymunah and Dahnash bet over before going to Kamar?
(a) Who can find the golden necklace for the prince?
(b) Who is going to marry Kamar?
(c) Who can find Kamar first?
(d) Who is the most beautiful- prince or princess?

2. If the tale impresses the Caliph, what does he promise to do?
(a) Allow the slave his life.
(b) Dismiss Ja'far.
(c) Find another wife for the husband.
(d) Banish the slave instead of killing him.

3. What does the lion cub demand of the carpenter?
(a) To take him along.
(b) To build him a bridge.
(c) To kill the duck.
(d) To build him a box.

4. According to the First Kalandar, when he returned to his kingdom for the first time, he found what?
(a) His palace to have been overtaken by his Wazir.
(b) The palace had turned to stone.
(c) His Wazir had fled the palace.
(d) His wife had run away with the Wazir.

5. In what location does The Tale of Kamar Al-Zaman begin?
(a) The coast of China.
(b) Baghdad.
(c) The Canary Islands.
(d) The Caves of Mt. Shala.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the nomad say that the Emir is?

2. Who is Gobbo?

3. Because Ja'far cannot find the murderer of the woman, he and his family are what?

4. When Hatim of the Tribe of Tayy died, where was he buried?

5. What is the nomad riding on when he meets Ma'an?

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