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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11, The City of Many-Columned Iram and Abdullah Son of Abi Kalibah.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In The Tale of Kamar Al-Zaman, what does Kamar chase for ten days?
(a) A bird.
(b) An ifrita.
(c) An antelope.
(d) A jinni.

2. What do the peahen and antelope agree upon as their only protection?
(a) Praising Allah.
(b) Joining the holy man.
(c) Traveling to another island.
(d) Avoiding the lynx.

3. What does Abdullah, Son of Abi Kalibah, set off to find?
(a) His lost horse.
(b) His runaway servant.
(c) His lost she-camel.
(d) His stolen ring.

4. What does Kamar take from Budur while she is sleeping?
(a) Her birth certificate.
(b) Her palace necklace.
(c) Her signet ring.
(d) Her favorite amulet.

5. What was Ma'an doing when he became separated from the rest of his company?
(a) Escaping a lynx.
(b) Hunting gazelles.
(c) Escaping a lion.
(d) Hunting antelope.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Hatim of the Tribe of Tayy died, where was he buried?

2. Because Ja'far cannot find the murderer of the woman, he and his family are what?

3. Who are the ass, fine horse, and camel running away from to avoid being enslaved in The Tale of The Birds And The Beasts And The Carpenter?

4. What comes out of the black jar after the fisherman rubs it?

5. What is Shams al-Din Mohammed's first daugher's name?

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