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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17, How Abu Hasan Brake Wind.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Ma'an doing when he became separated from the rest of his company?
(a) Escaping a lion.
(b) Hunting antelope.
(c) Hunting gazelles.
(d) Escaping a lynx.

2. Why does the poor man take the dog's bowl to the market?
(a) To use it for blackmail.
(b) To find out its worth.
(c) To sell it for a slave.
(d) To sell it for money.

3. In the story of How Abu Hasan Broke Wind, Abu Hasan holds a great celebration in the City of ______ of Al-Yaman.
(a) Kaukaban.
(b) Al-Kaman.
(c) Balakrishna.
(d) Aranka.

4. What do the sons of the Wazir of Cairo think they should do in order to have a son and a daughter so that the cousins will pledge to marry?
(a) Get married on the same day,
(b) Invoke a Jinni.
(c) Go to the king for blessings.
(d) Consult the Holy Book.

5. What did one of the dogs do to the man who stole the gold while they were being fed?
(a) Motioned for him to eat as well.
(b) Asked him if he could help them.
(c) Barked at him incessantly.
(d) Spoke to him.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Ma'an asks the nomad where he came from, what does the nomad speak of doing when he arrives at his destination?

2. Who is Gobbo?

3. For how long was Abu Hasan a bodyguard for the foreign king in the story of How Abu Hasan Broke Wind?

4. After traveling back home in disguise, what does Abu Hasan do for the rest of his days in the story of How Abu Hasan Broke Wind?

5. Upon meeting the angel, the hermit does what?

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