Objects & Places from The Arabian Nights

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This long-handled tool is used for cutting trees or smoothing wood.


This is a title of address placed before a surname standing for 'sir' or 'gentleman.'


This is a sergeant or royal messenger.


Ali Baba asked his wife to fetch a scale in order to weigh these valuable pieces.


This is the name for the nomadic tribal people also known as Bedouin.


Considered by Muslims as the center of scholarship and the seat of civilization, this city is where the Caliphate resides in most versions of The Arabian Nights.


This is the marketplace where merchants gather to sell their wares, animals, food and slaves.


This is a powerful drug that induces deep sleep resembling death. In the story of the Sleeper and the Waker, the Caliph uses this drug on a hapless commoner, trading places with him for sport...

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