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Lesson 1 (from Background Chapter, The Story of King Shahryar And His Brother | Chapter 1, The Fisherman and the Jinni)


Background Chapter, The Story of King Shahryar And His Brother

This intro and the following chapter give a general outline for the role the following stories might play in Shahrazad's goals to not only keep herself alive each night, but to eventually change the king's sentiments towards women. Some readers may be surprised at the foreignly blunt, and sometimes violent simplicity of the writing. The objective of this lesson is to use historical significance and facts behind this novel as an opportunity to discuss and understand not only Shahrazad's goals, but the author's as well.


1. Opening discussion: How did the beginning story effect you as a reader? How does the idea of multiple concubines, slaves, and nightly beheadings mentioned sit with you? While literary devices such as metaphors, imagery, personification, etc. are popular Western tactics of strengthening our writing, what type of writing do we...

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