The Arabian Nights Character Descriptions

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As astrologers had prophesied, this character accidentally kills a young man while stranded on an island.

The Black Bitches

Two cursed and therefore transformed characters, beaten every night by the mistress of the house.

Caliph Harun al-Rashid

This character uses a merchant disguise to secretly learn about the three Kalandar's tales and eventually restores order for all.

The Cateress

This character's title lives with two sisters and sings a song of penitence during mourning.

The Eldest Lady

The oldest character's title in the house who saves a serpent from a dragon and is known to be very independent and wealthy.

The First Kalandar

One of three disguised, one-eyed character's who arrive at the ladies' doorstep looking for shelter, and whose uncle and and father were killed in a war for a kingdom.

The First Kalandar's Cousin

This character's title manipulates a cousin in order to escape into...

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