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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Mr. Jenkins shudder as he is getting up from fainting?
(a) the appearance of Blajeny
(b) Progo standing there
(c) a fourth Mr. Jenkins
(d) Louise comes towards him

2. What does the song the group hear do?
(a) orders the rhythm of creation
(b) nothing
(c) keeps the farae dancing
(d) keeps the heart beating

3. When will Sporos become a sea tree?
(a) when he deepens
(b) after Charles becomes an adult
(c) when Meg kills him in present form
(d) when Progo kythes with him

4. Where does Meg find herself after she fills the void?
(a) at the star-watching rock
(b) in the center of the farae
(c) in Charles' room
(d) back at the school yard

5. What does Meg see when she looks at Charles?
(a) he's screaming in pain
(b) he's up and walking about
(c) he's breathing better
(d) Dr. Louise putting an oxygen mask on him

Short Answer Questions

1. What color is the environment inside the mitochondria?

2. What did Calvin do with his second and third bean seed?

3. After Jenkins understands about the farae what does Progo say?

4. Who is waiting at the star-watching rock for the group?

5. Why can't Progo kythe with Jenkins?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Jenkins feel he lacks and how do he and Meg resolve their differences?

2. How does Meg finally deal with Mr. Jenkins?

3. What did Progo say about Sporos and the Echthroi?

4. Why does Calvin tell Jenkins about the biologist and Calvin's bean plants?

5. What does Mr. Jenkins think is happening to him and what does Blajeny say is the truth?

6. What is deepening, how does it feel and why do some avoid it?

7. What does Progo tell Meg about the farandolae and how they live and move?

8. What does Meg tell Jenkins about when she first kythes with him and how does he feel about it?

9. What does Meg do when the Echthroi takes over Mr. Jenkins?

10. What does Progo tell Meg about why she was in pain?

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