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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Blajeny show the group for encouragement?
(a) Charles
(b) life on another planet
(c) God's face
(d) the birth of a star

2. Who supports Meg's story?
(a) Mr. Jenkins
(b) Calvin
(c) Progo
(d) Blajeny

3. What does Blajeny say when Calvin asks about fitting inside a mitochondria?
(a) Blajeny can make mitochondria huge
(b) magic can do anything
(c) Progo can shrink them
(d) size is relative

4. Why does Meg suddenly scream in pain when she takes Jenkins' hand?
(a) in the mitochondria hate causes pain
(b) he squeezed too tight
(c) she's being Xed
(d) she doesn't expeience any pain

5. What does Meg see when she looks at Charles?
(a) Dr. Louise putting an oxygen mask on him
(b) he's up and walking about
(c) he's screaming in pain
(d) he's breathing better

6. Who followed them to Yadah?
(a) Mr. Murray
(b) Charles
(c) Louise
(d) the Echthroi

7. What did Calvin do with his first bean seed?
(a) didn't water it
(b) planted it at home
(c) stomped on it
(d) burned it

8. What does the group sing with?
(a) A church choir
(b) A string quartet
(c) The stars
(d) An orchestra

9. Who is the final member of the new class with Blajeny?
(a) Charles
(b) a unicorn
(c) a centaur
(d) a young farandola

10. Why does Meg feel horrible pain while traveling to the mitochondria?
(a) she has motion sickness
(b) had a brush with an Echthros
(c) she hit her head
(d) her hand came out of Progo

11. What does Calvin tell Meg happened to Progo?
(a) he is somewhere in Charles
(b) he has returned to
(c) he Xed himself
(d) he returned to school

12. Why does Jenkins say he'll come with the others?
(a) because Meg named him
(b) he has nothing better to do
(c) he doesn't want to be alone
(d) because Charles is sick

13. What does Meg finally realize about her hate of Mr. Jenkins?
(a) she was justified to hate him
(b) she was actually hating herself
(c) she has let it go
(d) he hated her as well

14. What does Meg first tell Jenkins when she kythes with him?
(a) that Calvin would kythe with him too
(b) that she still didn't like him
(c) how the farandolae saved her
(d) that Charles was dead

15. Why does the song falter?
(a) the Echthroi at work
(b) the group interferes with the song
(c) the farae are tired
(d) it's evening

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Meg do when she is in pain?

2. What is the third test for Meg and Progo?

3. What did a plant do when a biologist thought to burn it?

4. How did Calvin treat his third bean seed?

5. Why can't Progo kythe with Jenkins?

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