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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Meg say Mr. Jenkins is too slow at?
(a) at understanding
(b) at being kind
(c) at kything
(d) at accepting her

2. What does Blajeny insist they must do immediately?
(a) go to Meg's school
(b) kill the fourth Mr. Jenkins
(c) go to the Murray's house
(d) go to Metron Ariston

3. What is the importance of whether Charles is Xed by the Echthroi?
(a) Charles will become evil
(b) the universe will shrink
(c) all of life hangs on it
(d) Meg will die

4. What does Meg feel when she reaches out to Mr. Jenkins?
(a) envy
(b) disgust
(c) love
(d) hate

5. What does Jenkins say about man's point in the universe?
(a) man is insignificant
(b) man is no more or less important than any others
(c) man is the most important creature
(d) man is the mean point

6. Why does Meg suddenly scream in pain when she takes Jenkins' hand?
(a) she's being Xed
(b) in the mitochondria hate causes pain
(c) he squeezed too tight
(d) she doesn't expeience any pain

7. What does Meg see when she looks at Charles?
(a) he's up and walking about
(b) Dr. Louise putting an oxygen mask on him
(c) he's screaming in pain
(d) he's breathing better

8. What was recorded when the biologist with the plants left town?
(a) they would die
(b) they would get a little brown
(c) their needles would jump
(d) they would hibernate

9. What does Meg tell the little farandolae?
(a) to join her song
(b) she doesn't say anything to them
(c) to stop dancing
(d) to dance in another direction

10. What does Meg do to help Jenkins?
(a) calls on Charles
(b) kythes with Progo
(c) kythes with him
(d) sings with Sporos

11. What does the Echthros-Jenkins tell the little farandolae?
(a) they will lose their power if they deepen
(b) to come with him
(c) to stop dancing
(d) to stop singing

12. What does Blajeny show the group for encouragement?
(a) life on another planet
(b) Charles
(c) the birth of a star
(d) God's face

13. How did Calvin treat his second bean seed?
(a) he watered and sang to it
(b) he left it completely alone
(c) he watered it but ignored it
(d) he yelled at it

14. What example did Calvin use to explain Jenkins' problem in question 146?
(a) a science project
(b) a domino set
(c) an explanation about bird calls
(d) his physics background

15. What is the dance of the little farandolae doing?
(a) helping the farae sing
(b) being destructive to a deepened farae
(c) helping with creation
(d) helping Meg kythe with Jenkins

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Charles tell Mr. Murray?

2. What is the name of the final class member?

3. What do Calvin and Meg do when the little farandolae won't listen to them?

4. Why can't Progo kythe with Jenkins?

5. What makes Mr. Jenkins shudder as he is getting up from fainting?

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