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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Meg feel horrible pain while traveling to the mitochondria?
(a) her hand came out of Progo
(b) had a brush with an Echthros
(c) she hit her head
(d) she has motion sickness

2. What does Blajeny tell Meg and the others about Charles?
(a) he has gotten worse
(b) he is now at home
(c) he is now better
(d) he has returned to school

3. What does Meg do when she reaches out to Mr. Jenkins?
(a) slaps him in the face
(b) names him
(c) trips on his feet
(d) pats him on the back

4. What makes Meg decide to be nicer towards Mr. Jenkins?
(a) thinking of Calvin
(b) remembering he volunteered to come
(c) thinking of Charles
(d) remembering naming him

5. What does Blajeny tell Mr. Jenkins what happened to him?
(a) a battle for his soul
(b) a good wake-up call
(c) the old-fashioned notion of possession
(d) a fright just made him faint

6. What does Blajeny chide Progo about?
(a) not helping Meg more
(b) letting Charles go home
(c) scaring Mr. Jenkins
(d) helping Meg too much

7. What does Jenkins say about man's point in the universe?
(a) man is no more or less important than any others
(b) man is insignificant
(c) man is the most important creature
(d) man is the mean point

8. What does Blajeny ask Mr. Jenkins?
(a) to help them
(b) to go find Calvin
(c) to return to his office
(d) to go to the Murray's house

9. Who is waiting at the star-watching rock for the group?
(a) Mrs. Murray
(b) Calvin
(c) Charles
(d) Louise

10. What is it that Mr. Jenkins doesn't understand about the deepened farae?
(a) why they change form
(b) how he can talk to them
(c) how they communicate
(d) why they are sick

11. Who followed them to Yadah?
(a) the Echthroi
(b) Louise
(c) Mr. Murray
(d) Charles

12. How long does an Echthros tend to appear as a human body they've used?
(a) for a month
(b) it tends to keep the form
(c) only until the human is named
(d) for one year

13. What did Calvin do with his first bean seed?
(a) stomped on it
(b) didn't water it
(c) burned it
(d) planted it at home

14. Why does the song falter?
(a) it's evening
(b) the group interferes with the song
(c) the farae are tired
(d) the Echthroi at work

15. What does Meg do when she summons up enough love to love the Echthroi?
(a) Xes herself
(b) starts to sing
(c) starts to laugh
(d) dances

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Echthros-Jenkins tell the little farandolae?

2. How was Meg saved when the Echthros had her?

3. Who appears at the rock and bows to Meg and Calvin?

4. What does Meg say Mr. Jenkins is too slow at?

5. What does Sporos do when the Echthroi and Jenkins speak with one voice?

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