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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the song the group hear do?
(a) keeps the farae dancing
(b) nothing
(c) keeps the heart beating
(d) orders the rhythm of creation

2. What does Meg feel inside the mitochondria?
(a) a pounding headache
(b) hot sunlight
(c) rhythmic pulsing like a heartbeat
(d) things scurrying over her body

3. What does Blajeny chide Progo about?
(a) letting Charles go home
(b) not helping Meg more
(c) helping Meg too much
(d) scaring Mr. Jenkins

4. What does Calvin tell Meg happened to Progo?
(a) he returned to school
(b) he is somewhere in Charles
(c) he has returned to
(d) he Xed himself

5. Who supports Meg's story?
(a) Blajeny
(b) Progo
(c) Calvin
(d) Mr. Jenkins

6. What example did Calvin use to explain Jenkins' problem in question 146?
(a) an explanation about bird calls
(b) a science project
(c) his physics background
(d) a domino set

7. What about Sporos makes him vulnerable to the Echthroi?
(a) his age
(b) his family background
(c) his immaturity
(d) his pride

8. Why does Meg suddenly scream in pain when she takes Jenkins' hand?
(a) she's being Xed
(b) she doesn't expeience any pain
(c) he squeezed too tight
(d) in the mitochondria hate causes pain

9. How was Meg saved when the Echthros had her?
(a) several of the little farae Xed themselves
(b) Calvin kicked it
(c) Progo pulled her away
(d) Louise bit it

10. What does Meg finally figure out about Mr. Jenkins because he came with them?
(a) he's a failure
(b) he is too stubborn
(c) he's not a failure
(d) he's not a good person

11. Why does the song falter?
(a) the farae are tired
(b) the group interferes with the song
(c) the Echthroi at work
(d) it's evening

12. Who is the final member of the new class with Blajeny?
(a) Charles
(b) a unicorn
(c) a young farandola
(d) a centaur

13. What is the dance of the little farandolae doing?
(a) being destructive to a deepened farae
(b) helping Meg kythe with Jenkins
(c) helping the farae sing
(d) helping with creation

14. Why does Meg feel horrible pain while traveling to the mitochondria?
(a) had a brush with an Echthros
(b) her hand came out of Progo
(c) she has motion sickness
(d) she hit her head

15. What is the importance of whether Charles is Xed by the Echthroi?
(a) all of life hangs on it
(b) Charles will become evil
(c) Meg will die
(d) the universe will shrink

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Echthros-Jenkins tell the little farandolae will happen if they destroy the farae?

2. What does Jenkins say about man's point in the universe?

3. What did a plant do when a biologist thought to burn it?

4. How did Calvin treat his second bean seed?

5. What does Meg do when she is in pain?

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