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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Calvin treat his third bean seed?
(a) he watered it but ignored it
(b) he burned it
(c) he talked to it and watered it
(d) he talked to it and watered it

2. What does Meg see when she looks at Charles?
(a) he's screaming in pain
(b) Dr. Louise putting an oxygen mask on him
(c) he's up and walking about
(d) he's breathing better

3. What does Meg do when the Echthroi and Jenkins speak with one voice?
(a) screams
(b) runs away
(c) laughs
(d) starts to kythe with Calvin

4. What does Calvin say about adults and kything?
(a) they can't do it
(b) they do it quicker than children
(c) they can often kythe deeper than children
(d) they can only do it with a spouse

5. What does Meg do when she is in pain?
(a) falls down
(b) lets go of Jenkins's hand
(c) kythes for help
(d) kicks Mr. Jenkins

6. What does Blajeny chide Progo about?
(a) helping Meg too much
(b) scaring Mr. Jenkins
(c) letting Charles go home
(d) not helping Meg more

7. What does Meg finally figure out about Mr. Jenkins because he came with them?
(a) he's a failure
(b) he is too stubborn
(c) he's not a good person
(d) he's not a failure

8. When Meg throws herself into the Echthroi who joins her?
(a) Blajeny
(b) Calvin
(c) Progo
(d) Jenkins

9. What did Calvin do with his first bean seed?
(a) stomped on it
(b) didn't water it
(c) planted it at home
(d) burned it

10. What example did Calvin use to explain Jenkins' problem in question 146?
(a) an explanation about bird calls
(b) a domino set
(c) a science project
(d) his physics background

11. After Jenkins understands about the farae what does Progo say?
(a) it's time to return to earth
(b) it's time to kill Sporos
(c) it's time for the third test
(d) it's time for the second test

12. How often does Charles' heart beat inside the mitochondria?
(a) once a minute
(b) every two weeks
(c) every hour
(d) once a decade

13. What does Blajeny tell Meg and the others about Charles?
(a) he is now at home
(b) he is now better
(c) he has gotten worse
(d) he has returned to school

14. What do Calvin and Meg do when the little farandolae won't listen to them?
(a) tackles them
(b) hit them over the head
(c) join their dance
(d) ask Progo to consume them

15. What does Meg tell the little farandolae?
(a) she doesn't say anything to them
(b) to join her song
(c) to dance in another direction
(d) to stop dancing

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the mitochondria called where Blajeny is sending the group?

2. What is it that Mr. Jenkins doesn't understand about the deepened farae?

3. What does Progo tell Meg to do once she is out of danger?

4. What color is the environment inside the mitochondria?

5. What does Jenkins say about man's point in the universe?

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