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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Calvin tell Mr. Jenkins about plants and communication and distance?
(a) the closer you stay to your plants the better
(b) plants like you to stay about three feet away
(c) distance is irrelevant
(d) he didn't mention distance at all

2. What does Meg figure out will fill the void of the Echthroi?
(a) hatred
(b) love
(c) joy
(d) laughter

3. What does Meg do when she is in pain?
(a) falls down
(b) kythes for help
(c) lets go of Jenkins's hand
(d) kicks Mr. Jenkins

4. What does Meg do when the Echthroi and Jenkins speak with one voice?
(a) laughs
(b) starts to kythe with Calvin
(c) screams
(d) runs away

5. What does Blajeny ask Mr. Jenkins?
(a) to go to the Murray's house
(b) to go find Calvin
(c) to return to his office
(d) to help them

6. After Jenkins understands about the farae what does Progo say?
(a) it's time to return to earth
(b) it's time to kill Sporos
(c) it's time for the third test
(d) it's time for the second test

7. What does Meg first tell Jenkins when she kythes with him?
(a) that Charles was dead
(b) how the farandolae saved her
(c) that Calvin would kythe with him too
(d) that she still didn't like him

8. Who is the final member of the new class with Blajeny?
(a) a young farandola
(b) a unicorn
(c) Charles
(d) a centaur

9. What does Blajeny chide Progo about?
(a) helping Meg too much
(b) letting Charles go home
(c) scaring Mr. Jenkins
(d) not helping Meg more

10. What does Progo tell Meg about love and her?
(a) she should love the Echthroi
(b) she can love anyone
(c) she doesn't like loving people
(d) she forgets it when things become difficult

11. Who followed them to Yadah?
(a) Charles
(b) Mr. Murray
(c) the Echthroi
(d) Louise

12. How long does an Echthros tend to appear as a human body they've used?
(a) for a month
(b) for one year
(c) it tends to keep the form
(d) only until the human is named

13. What did Calvin do with his first bean seed?
(a) planted it at home
(b) burned it
(c) didn't water it
(d) stomped on it

14. What did Charles tell Mr. Murray?
(a) that Meg has disappeared
(b) that he is dying
(c) that Dr. Louise is a teacher
(d) that Meg was inside his mitochondria

15. Why can't Progo kythe with Jenkins?
(a) he is too close-minded
(b) he's an adult
(c) he won't let him
(d) he has a brain tumor

Short Answer Questions

1. What color is the environment inside the mitochondria?

2. What does Meg do to help Jenkins?

3. How did Calvin treat his second bean seed?

4. What does Meg feel inside the mitochondria?

5. What was recorded when the biologist with the plants left town?

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