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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Meg notice about Charles as they're going through the garden?
(a) he's pale and out of breath
(b) he keeps crouching and looking around
(c) he's able to not walk on the vegetables
(d) he's talking a lot

2. What does Mrs. Murry think the flu going around really is?
(a) a bacterial disease
(b) leukemia
(c) mitochondritis
(d) a new form of colds

3. What kind of sound does Louise make around the three Jenkinses?
(a) a loud clicking sound
(b) no sound
(c) her warning sound
(d) a purring like sound

4. Why are the twins waiting for Charles?
(a) to talk about getting beat up
(b) to feed him
(c) to play ball
(d) to take some pictures

5. What does Progo call Earth?
(a) a living planet
(b) a shadowed planet
(c) a beautiful planet
(d) a crowed planet

6. What is Calvin's assignment from Blajeny?
(a) bring food to Proginoskes
(b) wait and ask no questions
(c) stop his brother from beating on Charles
(d) find the wrong Mr. Jenkins

7. Why is Meg uncomfortable with her father gone?
(a) Charles needs his father
(b) Dennys and Sandy are playing a major game
(c) he can't talk to the school
(d) break-ins in the neighborhood

8. When does Meg meet Proginoskes the morning after receiving her assignment from Blajeny?
(a) on the school bus
(b) star-watching rock
(c) in the garden
(d) at school

9. What does the stranger tell the children he is?
(a) a teacher
(b) an angel
(c) a messenger
(d) a wizard

10. What does Proginoskes suggest Meg might be since she was assigned to work with him?
(a) a genius
(b) a star in human form
(c) a namer
(d) an artist

11. What did Charles joke about as far as Proginoskes went?
(a) no one would pick on him if he came to school with Charles
(b) he must walk funny looking out of so many eyes
(c) no one would recognize what he was
(d) he must fly really fast with all his wings

12. How does Progo take Meg places?
(a) gathered in his wings
(b) walking
(c) levitation
(d) flying

13. What does Jenkins One say about Charles?
(a) Charles is pretending to be ill
(b) he doubts there will be any change
(c) Charles is a brat
(d) Charles needs to go to private school

14. Why is Charles in the school yard during class time?
(a) he wants to play
(b) he has to take Louis home
(c) he saw the three Jenkins
(d) he saw Meg

15. Why does Meg think Charles bringing Louise to school was good?
(a) because Louise will warn Charles
(b) because it upset his teacher
(c) because it scared Calvin's brother
(d) because Louise gets bored in the garden

Short Answer Questions

1. Who makes Meg feel more herself?

2. What does Louise tell Meg?

3. What does Mrs. Murry tell Meg about Charles' problems at school?

4. How does Meg think Mr. Jenkins feels about her?

5. Who talks to Meg in the garden?

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