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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Blajeny give the children for the evening and the next day?
(a) assignments
(b) nothing
(c) times to meet
(d) a task to complete

2. Where do farandolae live?
(a) inside the mitochondria
(b) in outer space
(c) in the ocean
(d) in the forest

3. What does Proginoskes suggest Meg might be since she was assigned to work with him?
(a) an artist
(b) a namer
(c) a star in human form
(d) a genius

4. Why is Meg uncomfortable with her father gone?
(a) break-ins in the neighborhood
(b) he can't talk to the school
(c) Charles needs his father
(d) Dennys and Sandy are playing a major game

5. What does Progo say will happen to Meg if they fail?
(a) she will die
(b) she'll get another chance
(c) she will be isolated from love
(d) she will never have another teacher like Blajeny

6. How does Proginoskes communicate?
(a) telepathically
(b) in English
(c) sign language
(d) through Blajeny

7. What do Meg and Charles wonder about when they return to the house?
(a) whether their mother knows they were outside
(b) whether it was a dream
(c) whether Proginoskes is kind
(d) whether Blajeny is evil

8. What does Charles challenge his brothers to do?
(a) beat up the kids picking on him
(b) identify the gold-silver feather from the garden
(c) find the dragon
(d) do better in school

9. What is Calvin's assignment from Blajeny?
(a) wait and ask no questions
(b) bring food to Proginoskes
(c) find the wrong Mr. Jenkins
(d) stop his brother from beating on Charles

10. What does Blajeny say when Meg asks about failure?
(a) he knew they wouldn't fail
(b) Charles Wallace will die
(c) it will destroy the world
(d) he'd rather not dwell on that

11. What did Dr. Louise learn from her pet boa?
(a) that snakes eat a lot
(b) to trust the judgment of snakes
(c) that snakes are rather dumb
(d) that snakes can be dangerous

12. What happens when Meg finally names the correct Mr. Jenkins?
(a) Meg faints
(b) the Echthroi scream and disappear
(c) Charles gets well
(d) Progo vanishes

13. How many dragon wings does Charles insist he saw?
(a) thousands
(b) hundreds
(c) twenty-four
(d) ten

14. Why is Meg worried about Charles?
(a) because he likes school
(b) because she thinks he's seeing things
(c) because he is lying
(d) she's not worried about him

15. What does Blajeny say about Charles' illness?
(a) it will never heal
(b) they can't afford to lose him
(c) it will heal up soon
(d) he will need to see a special doctor

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Mr. Jenkins suggest to Mrs. Murray about Charles?

2. Where is Blajeny's classroom?

3. How does Progo take Meg places?

4. Progo says love is not what you feel; it is __________________.

5. Who talks to Meg in the garden?

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