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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the twins say about matter?
(a) it can be doubled
(b) it will eventually fade
(c) it can't disappear
(d) it can't be torn in half

2. What kind of sound does Louise make around the three Jenkinses?
(a) no sound
(b) a purring like sound
(c) a loud clicking sound
(d) her warning sound

3. What did Charles ask the dragons to do?
(a) quit breathing fire
(b) quit trambling the vegetables
(c) show themselves
(d) take him for a ride

4. What does Blajeny tell Meg and Proginoskes they must do?
(a) go to another world
(b) pass three tests
(c) talk everyday
(d) learn to read a strange language

5. What is Proginoskes?
(a) a seraphim
(b) a Pegasus
(c) a centaur
(d) a single cherubim

6. What is the name of the family's doctor?
(a) Dr. Louise Colubra
(b) Dr. Paul Stuter
(c) Dr. Joseph Porter
(d) Dr. Susan Carter

7. What is Calvin's assignment from Blajeny?
(a) bring food to Proginoskes
(b) wait and ask no questions
(c) stop his brother from beating on Charles
(d) find the wrong Mr. Jenkins

8. What does Progo believe about Meg's parents and the world?
(a) they are aware of the evil in it
(b) they will destroy it one day
(c) they are here to save it
(d) they are not from the world

9. Who makes Meg feel more herself?
(a) her mother
(b) Calvin
(c) Charles
(d) her father

10. What does Meg ask Progo to do with two of Mr. Jenkins?
(a) to kythe with them
(b) to kill them
(c) to choose the right one
(d) to scare them off

11. What does Mrs. Murry tell Meg about Charles' problems at school?
(a) to be patient
(b) there is no problem
(c) to talk to his teacher
(d) his father is taking care of the matter

12. What does Progo say Meg is doing when she hates Mr. Jenkins?
(a) she's causing him to split
(b) she is Xing him
(c) she's hurting Progo
(d) she's hating Charles

13. What does Mr. Jenkins Two say he will do if Meg will name him?
(a) get Charles medical care
(b) graduate Meg a year early
(c) help Charles in school
(d) give Charles a special teacher

14. What does Jenkins One say about Charles?
(a) he doubts there will be any change
(b) Charles is pretending to be ill
(c) Charles needs to go to private school
(d) Charles is a brat

15. When does Progo say the Echthroi will cease to exist?
(a) when people begin to live on other planets
(b) when all violent humans kill each other off
(c) when the earth ends
(d) when everyone is truly named

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Meg run back to the house?

2. How does Progo take Meg places?

3. Why does Meg decide to go outside after dinner?

4. What did Mr. Jenkins suggest to Mrs. Murray about Charles?

5. What does Progo ask Meg to do when the third Mr. Jenkins leaves?

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