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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Mr. Jenkins do for Calvin?
(a) drove him home after games
(b) gave him lunch money
(c) bought him a pair of shoes
(d) gave him a job

2. Why does Meg decide to go outside after dinner?
(a) she's meeting her boyfriend
(b) she has to take the dog out
(c) she's restless
(d) she heard a voice

3. What does Jenkins Three ask Charles?
(a) if Louise was poisonous
(b) why he wasn't in class
(c) if he could hold Louise
(d) why Louise didn't like him

4. Who beat up Charles at school that day?
(a) the next door neighbor
(b) Mr. Jenkins's son
(c) Meg's boyfriend's brother
(d) Peter Carter

5. What does Probo say people who know their true selves do not need?
(a) to die
(b) to fear
(c) to hate
(d) to love

6. Why is Charles upset with Meg?
(a) she tells him to return to the house
(b) she thinks he's mad at him for being sick
(c) he thinks she doesn't believe him
(d) she has told him to quit fighting at school

7. Where is Meg's mother at the beginning of the book?
(a) in California
(b) at the high school
(c) at their grandparents
(d) in her laboratory

8. What does Jenkins One say to Meg?
(a) he wants Meg to leave
(b) he will kill Charles
(c) he will suspend Charles
(d) he can't help Charles

9. What does Blajeny say about Charles' illness?
(a) it will heal up soon
(b) he will need to see a special doctor
(c) they can't afford to lose him
(d) it will never heal

10. What does Charles tell Meg about school and his behavior?
(a) school is too difficult for him
(b) the teacher slapped him
(c) he has beat up every boy in class
(d) he is careful about what he says

11. What does Blajeny tell Meg and Proginoskes they must do?
(a) go to another world
(b) talk everyday
(c) learn to read a strange language
(d) pass three tests

12. What does Progo ask Meg to do when the third Mr. Jenkins leaves?
(a) that she name the right one
(b) that she find Charles
(c) that she calls her mother
(d) that she kythe with him

13. What does Mr. Jenkins tell Meg about Charles' intelligence?
(a) he is average
(b) he is too dumb for school
(c) he is so smart he needs a tutor
(d) he is so smart he doesn't need school

14. Why is Meg worried about Charles?
(a) she's not worried about him
(b) because he is lying
(c) because she thinks he's seeing things
(d) because he likes school

15. When the third Mr. Jenkins arrives what does he suggest?
(a) they kill Charles
(b) they go to Meg's house
(c) they leave Meg alone to think
(d) they send Meg away

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the creature that shows up in the garden tell the children?

2. What does Proginoskes do when Meg tells him about Mr. Jenkins coming to the garden?

3. What does Blajeny want from the children?

4. What does Mrs. Murry tell Meg about Charles' problems at school?

5. How does Meg think Mr. Jenkins feels about her?

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