A Wind in the Door Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does Charles look like when he comes home from school and what does Meg ask him?

His clothes are torn, and he sports a fresh bruise under his left eye. Meg questions him about this latest beating. Charles Wallace has only been in school for two months, but every week he comes home with fresh injuries.

2. Where is the rest of the Murry family when Meg and Charles talk at the beginning of the book?

Meg asks where her parents are. Charles Wallace informs her that their mother is in her laboratory working on an experiment and that their father has been called away to Washington by the president again. Sandy and Dennys, their twin brothers, are at soccer practice.

3. What does Meg notice about Charles' physical condition and what does he tell her?

As Charles leads her through the rows of corn, Meg notices that he is out of breath and extremely pale. Charles, who has an uncanny ability to pick up on her thoughts, tells her that their mother is worried about his health, too. Mother thinks his pallor and lack of energy is symptomatic of something more serious than being beaten up at school. Meg asks Charles exactly what Mother has said about his health, and Charles admits Mother hasn't said anything. He has picked up on her worries just as he picks up on Meg's thoughts. Charles admits he has been tired for months, and this week his symptoms have gotten worse.

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