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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What part of Mrs. Murry's work does her husband think might be related to the cosmic rips?
(a) her work with gravity
(b) her work with mitochondria and the heart
(c) her work with meterorites
(d) her work with farandolae and mitochondria

2. Where does Progo offer to take Meg to show her about the Echthros?
(a) to the space near Mars
(b) somewhere yesterday
(c) to the future
(d) to Europe

3. What do Meg and Charles wonder about when they return to the house?
(a) whether their mother knows they were outside
(b) whether Proginoskes is kind
(c) whether Blajeny is evil
(d) whether it was a dream

4. After Jenkins understands about the farae what does Progo say?
(a) it's time to return to earth
(b) it's time for the second test
(c) it's time for the third test
(d) it's time to kill Sporos

5. Why does Meg think Charles bringing Louise to school was good?
(a) because it upset his teacher
(b) because Louise gets bored in the garden
(c) because Louise will warn Charles
(d) because it scared Calvin's brother

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Mr. Jenkins do for Calvin?

2. How does Calvin say he fits in at school?

3. What does Calvin tell Mr. Jenkins about plants and communication and distance?

4. What does Blajeny tell Meg and the others about Charles?

5. What does Probo say people who know their true selves do not need?

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