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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are the twins waiting for Charles?
(a) to play ball
(b) to feed him
(c) to talk about getting beat up
(d) to take some pictures

2. Why does Meg decide to go outside after dinner?
(a) she's meeting her boyfriend
(b) she's restless
(c) she heard a voice
(d) she has to take the dog out

3. Why did Charles bring Louise to school?
(a) for pet day
(b) for protection
(c) to try to be one of the gang
(d) to find the right Mr. Jenkins

4. What does Jenkins One say about Charles?
(a) Charles is a brat
(b) Charles is pretending to be ill
(c) Charles needs to go to private school
(d) he doubts there will be any change

5. How does Calvin say he fits in at school?
(a) playing by the laws of the jungle
(b) being an honor student
(c) staying in the back of the room
(d) playing a good game of golf

Short Answer Questions

1. When the third Mr. Jenkins arrives what does he suggest?

2. What does the creature that shows up in the garden tell the children?

3. What truly alarms Meg?

4. What does Progo say will happen to him if they fail the test?

5. What do the twins say about matter?

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