A Wind in the Door Character Descriptions

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Margaret (Meg) Murry

Like all the Murrys, she is extremely intelligent. Unlike many teens and preteens, she likes to spend time with her boyfriend working out trigonometry problems.

Charles Wallace Murry

He is the light of his sister Meg's life. A gifted little boy, his brains and talents are outweighed only by his incredibly loving heart.


He refers to himself as a teacher. He describes his classroom as being "Here, there everywhere."


He is surprisingly lovable for a creature who belches fire and has hundreds of mismatching wings and eyes.

Mr. Jenkins

He is initially portrayed as a stern, uncaring and unlovable man.


He represents the human flaws of pride and selfishness.

Mrs. Murry

She is a brilliant scientist renowned for her cutting-edge work.

Mr. Murry

He is, according to Proginoskes, a very wise man. He manages to retain his optimistic faith in his fellow...

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