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Essay Topic 1

Explain how Jean-Jacques Rousseau has difficulty treating the subject of the "restoration of the arts and sciences" and its effects on morality fairly in his "A Discourse on Inequality"? Discuss what gets in the way and how the results are contradictory.

Essay Topic 2

Explain why the transition away from Europe's barbarism was detrimental to society, according to Rousseau.

Essay Topic 3

The introduction of arts and sciences are meant to give freedom to men, but slavery was often a result from that knowledge. How do arts and sciences stifle man's liberty and cause them to love their slavery?

Essay Topic 4

Explain how Rousseau believes slavery can make people civilized. Discuss the transition of humans before and after the introduction of arts and sciences to their societies.

Essay Topic 5

Why does Rousseau believe that Socrates praised ignorance? Use this information provided in your reading, as well as your...

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