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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tess's mother hope will happen once Tess arrives at Tantridge?
(a) Tess will get along well with the D'Urbervilles and they will like her.
(b) Her beauty will impress Alec and he will marry her.
(c) Tess will like it there.
(d) She will save her money and help the family financially.

2. Tess decides to go to Talbothays when she hears about a possible job there. Where is Talbothays located?
(a) On the outskirts of Marlott.
(b) About 5 miles from her father's house.
(c) In Ireland.
(d) In the Vale of Froom.

3. What does Alec do in Chapter 9 that Tess doesn't like?
(a) Tells her she is not whistling loud enough.
(b) Tells his mother she is not working hard enough.
(c) Hides behind the curtains and spies on her.
(d) Ignores her at a dance.

4. What is Tess's mother's response when she hears about the sexual encounter between Tess and Alec?
(a) She is angry at Alec for hurting Tess.
(b) She doesn't believe Tess.
(c) She is angry that Tess didn't force Alec to marry her.
(d) She tells Tess that it is her own fault.

5. In Chapter 25 Angel decides to go back to his parents' home. Why?
(a) To join the clergy.
(b) Because his father is ill.
(c) To ask their opinion about his desire to marry Tess.
(d) To get away from Tess.

6. Where does Angel finally confess his love for Tess?
(a) In the pasture.
(b) On a moonlit walk.
(c) In the barn.
(d) At dinner.

7. What does the parson tell Mr. Durbeyfield?
(a) That Mr. Durbeyfield has won a small fortune.
(b) That Mr. Durbeyfield is related to the D'Urbervilles.
(c) That he thinks it is going to rain.
(d) That Mr. Durbeyfield's house is on fire.

8. Which character, introduced in Chapter 10, picks on Tess?
(a) The dark-haired milkmaid.
(b) Angel's brother.
(c) The Queen of Spades.
(d) The police officer.

9. At Talbothays,Tess shares sleeping quarters with ____, Izz Rhuett, and Rhetty.
(a) Mary-Elizabeth.
(b) Marian.
(c) Maria.
(d) Marianne.

10. When Angel encounters the dairymaids trying to cross the river on the way to church, what does he do?
(a) Asks Tess to a dance.
(b) Tells Tess he likes her but could never marry her.
(c) Kisses Tess.
(d) Carries the dairy maids across the flooded water.

11. Why does Tess wake up at 2 a.m.?
(a) She's worried about the family's finances and can't sleep.
(b) She had a bad dream.
(c) Her sister is crying.
(d) She has to take the bee hives to market in another town.

12. What do Angel and his father do at the end of their talk?
(a) Go to church.
(b) Have an argument.
(c) Pray for Alec.
(d) Pray for Angel's brothers.

13. What does Angel tell Tess about Alec?
(a) That he has been run over by a horse.
(b) That he is not really a D'Urberville.
(c) That he is a mercenary.
(d) That he is a cousin of Angel's.

14. What does Mr. Durbeyfield do after he talks to the parson?
(a) He goes back to the pub.
(b) He hires a carriage to drive him home.
(c) He decides to take a walk by the river.
(d) He tells his family he's rich.

15. How does Alec react when Tess tells him how she feels about what has happened between them?
(a) He pretends he doesn't know what she is talking about.
(b) He offers to marry her.
(c) He offers her money.
(d) He ignores her.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 27 what does Angel do on his return to Talbothays?

2. What do Angel and Tess find they have in common, that surprises them both?

3. After Tess leaves for Tantridge, how does her mother feel?

4. While Tess is at Talbothays, she is quite happy. What causes her happiness?

5. When Tess falls asleep in the leaves, what does Alec do?

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