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Augusten Burroughs
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Short Answer Questions

1. What seafood do Augusten and Natalie eat for dinner after the whale watch?

2. What do Augusten and Natalie do to augment their appearance which gets the attention of the people on the streets?

3. During the fight with Neil Bookman, what word does Augusten use to describe Hope?

4. How long is Freud imprisoned?

5. Who believes that Freud, the family cat, is speaking through dreams?

Short Essay Questions

1. After Neil Bookman has been gone for over a year, what realization does Augusten come to about their relationship?

2. How do the Finch family respond to having their furniture outside?

3. Why do Hope Finch and Neil Bookman get into a huge fight about Neil's relationship with Augusten?

4. What happens when Natalie loses her earrings in the hotel?

5. What happens when Augusten sets out to dye Neil Bookman's hair?

6. What does Augusten explain has happened to Dr. Finch and Deirdre in the epilogue?

7. How does Augusten react to Hope's sudden onset of mental instability?

8. Who is Cesar Mendoza and what does he look like?

9. What does Augusten remember about the Christmas tree that his mother brought home when Augusten was 10?

10. How do Natalie and Augusten get on at college?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When Augusten first meets the Finch sisters, he is afraid of them. Explain the way that Augusten views the Finch sisters in the beginning of the novel, and then explain the way that his relationship with them changes as the memoir progresses.

Essay Topic 2

Both Augusten and Natalie have big hopes for their futures.

Part 1.) Describe what both of these characters hoped they would aspire to in the future.

Part 2.) Describe the path that each of these characters took, or strayed from, in the hopes of reaching their goals.

Part 3.) Describe where each of the characters ended up at the time of the epilogue. How did their endings compare to their dreams?

Essay Topic 3

Many characters in the memoir battle with debilitating obsessions. Create a list of three characters that deal with various obsessions throughout the course of the memoir. Compare and contrast the way that their obsessions have affected their lives. Finally, explain the way that each of these characters attempted to battle their obsessive tendencies.

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