Mother Night Test | Final Test - Easy

This set of Lesson Plans consists of approximately 163 pages of tests, essay questions, lessons, and other teaching materials.

Mother Night Test | Final Test - Easy

This set of Lesson Plans consists of approximately 163 pages of tests, essay questions, lessons, and other teaching materials.
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the "booty" that the narrator and Frank Wirtanen discuss?
(a) A part of Resi's body.
(b) Lionel Jones' stash of weapons and ammunition.
(c) The trunk filled with the narrator's writings.
(d) George Kraft's paintings.

2. To what does the narrator compare himself and other cigarette smokers?
(a) Lightning bugs.
(b) Walking chimneys.
(c) Pre-cancerous growths.
(d) Babies with pacifiers.

3. What does the narrator say is a "snaggle-toothed thought machine"?
(a) Communism.
(b) A totalitarian mind.
(c) A hate group.
(d) The G-men.

4. What does the patrolman say has the potential to end crime, war, divorce, child abuse, and several other social ills?
(a) Psychology.
(b) Chemicals.
(c) Religion.
(d) Extraterrestrial beings.

5. How did the narrator and Helga feel after their homes had been bombed, at least for a moment?
(a) Like there was no more reason to live.
(b) Like Noah and his wife.
(c) Like Romeo and Juliet.
(d) Like Adam and Eve.

6. What was the subject of a note Eichmann sends to the narrator when they are both in jail?
(a) Whether the narrator has any stock in the company that made Cyklon-B.
(b) If saying he's sorry will cause the jury to go easy on him.
(c) Whether having a literary agent is necessary.
(d) If the narrator thinks he's a bad person.

7. What becomes of the rope that was given to the narrator?
(a) Dr. Epstein uses it to make a tourniquet on the narrator's injured leg to keep him from bleeding to death.
(b) The narrator uses it to tie their new mattress to the top of a car.
(c) Resi uses it to tie up the narrator's attacker until the police arrive.
(d) A garbage collector uses it to commit suicide.

8. What does Wirtanen think the Russians would do to get the narrator to cooperate?
(a) Torture him.
(b) Threaten to nuke the U.S.
(c) Threaten to kill him.
(d) Threaten to kill Resi.

9. What was unique about Arndt Klopfer's photography?
(a) Everyone looks 10-15 years younger.
(b) He is the only German photographer at the time to use color film.
(c) Everyone appears to have a halo.
(d) The photos appear to have a 3-D effect in certain light.

10. What do the narrator and Resi find drawn in blue ink on his mailbox namecard?
(a) The symbol of a local street gang marking its turf.
(b) A swastika.
(c) A Star of David.
(d) A crude drawing of a man smoking a cigar.

11. What does the G-man tell George Kraft to be sure to take with him to prison?
(a) A cake with a file in it.
(b) His paintbox.
(c) A pen and paper to write his story.
(d) Plenty to read.

12. What does the patrolman tell the narrator that chemicals had caused a woman living nearby to do?
(a) Set her apartment on fire.
(b) Intentionally ram her car into someone else's.
(c) Kill her husband.
(d) Kill her own baby.

13. What was George Kraft using as target practice in Jones' cellar?
(a) A portrait of President Kennedy.
(b) A racist caricature of a Jewish man.
(c) Beer bottles.
(d) The black beetles that crawled on the floor and walls.

14. After the narrator is released from arrest after the raid, what does he say he no longer has that kept him moving through "so many dead and pointless years"?
(a) Love.
(b) Curiosity.
(c) Money.
(d) Fear.

15. Where does Helga claim she located the trunk filled with many of the narrator's things?
(a) From a drop site in a park where a note from the Blue Fairy Godmother said it would be.
(b) In the bombed-out ruins of her father's house.
(c) At the Berlin theatre where she and the narrator had worked.
(d) In a secret closet in their old apartment that the new tenants had not discovered.

Short Answer Questions

1. To the narrator, the imaginary lines of international borders are as unreal as . . .

2. What is the book, Memoirs of a Monogamous Casanova, about?

3. How do the schoolteacher's children behave in the bomb shelter?

4. When the narrator is recovering from the beating, where does George Kraft speculate that he, Resi, and the narrator would go?

5. What causes the Holy Grail to disappear in the narrator's play?

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