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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following does NOT advance the theme of loss and change in Chapters 13 and 14?
(a) That Fast Horse is rejecting his promising future with the tribe as holder of the Beaver Medicine in favor of joining with Owl Child.
(b) That Raven would have Fools Crow break with tradition and kill a white man.
(c) That Red Paint has become pregnant.
(d) That the white man is killing game for no reason.

2. Which of the Pikunis go into the heart of the Crow camp?
(a) White Man's Dog, Eagle Ribs and Yellow Kidney.
(b) Yellow Kidney, White Man's Dog and Fast Horse.
(c) White Man's Dog, Fast Horse and Eagle Ribs.
(d) Yellow Kidney, Eagle Ribs and Fast Horse.

3. What has Fast Horse done that breaks with the traditions of the Pikunis?
(a) He has chosen to marry a white Napikwan woman.
(b) He does not respect his father.
(c) He left his camp and rides with Owl Child.
(d) He has killed white men, lain with their women, and stolen their gold.

4. Does Fools Crow tell the Lone Eater Camp what he did to the Napikwan?
(a) Yes, but he does not tell the whole story of the Napikwan hunter.
(b) Yes, he tells them that due to the instructions of the Raven in his dream, he has killed a Napikwan hunter.
(c) No, he is too ashamed to admit what he did to the Napikwan hunter.
(d) No, because Raven told him to keep secret what he had to do to the Napikwan hunter.

5. What does Rides-at-the-door think they should do about the Napikwans?
(a) He thinks they should leave them alone.
(b) He thinks they should join Fast Horse and Owl Child and fight the Napikwans.
(c) He thinks they should pray and hold a cleansing ritual.
(d) He thinks they should move the camp farther from the Napikwans.

6. Why is Fool's Crow uncomfortable with his new name?
(a) Because the story of how Bull Shield was killed is exaggerated.
(b) Because no one will know who he is anymore.
(c) Because he likes his old name and doesn't want a new one.
(d) Because it is difficult to get used to being called a new name.

7. Which of the following is a true statement about Fast Horse's relationship to the Lone Eaters since his return from the horse raid on the Crow without Yellow Kidney?
(a) Fast Horse will receive power and position from the Beaver Medicine.
(b) Fast Horse is an outsider among the Lone Eaters
(c) Fast Horse is close friends with White Man's Dog.
(d) Fast Horse is respected as a great horse-stealer.

8. How does Yellow Kidney return to the Lone Eaters?
(a) On foot, sick and exhausted.
(b) On a strong stallion with war trophies.
(c) On a small white horse under armed escort.
(d) On a small white horse, very thin and missing his fingers.

9. What is the history of the relationship between the Pikunis and the Napikwans as told by Rides-at-the-door?
(a) The Pikunis learned to live with the Napikwans, giving them lands and thinking the Napikwans would be satisfied, but the Napikwans continually break their word.
(b) The Pikunis were almost exterminated by the Napikwans and have feared them ever since.
(c) The Pikunis have always fought the Napikwans since they first intruded on Pikunis lands.
(d) The Pikunis never learned to live with the Napikwans who stole their lands and continually break their promises.

10. What reward will the Raven bestow on White Man's Dog if he releases the wolverine?
(a) Raven will give White Man's Dog a power dream.
(b) Raven will teach White Man's Dog alone to use the wolverine's magic power.
(c) Raven will make White Man's Dog brave and strong.
(d) Raven will return Yellow Kidney to the tribe.

11. Eagle's Rib's dream of the horse of death with the reins dragging and White Man's Dog's dream of the white-faced girl in the death lodge are both fulfilled by what plot development?
(a) The return of Yellow Kidney to the Lone Eaters.
(b) The purifying ceremony of Mik-api.
(c) The banishment of Fast Horse from the Lone Eaters.
(d) The arival of the young Pikunis men with the Napikwans horses.

12. Which statement best describes the consensus of the men after discussing the present situation of the Pikunis and the Napikwans?
(a) They would rather die fighting the Napikwans and retain their pride.
(b) They would like to move camp to a place where the Napikwans are not likely to find them.
(c) They would like to propose a treaty with the Napikwans.
(d) They would like to count coup on the the Napikwans.

13. Where does Fast Horse go with all his belongings?
(a) He goes out on a spirit quest.
(b) He joins Owl Child's band.
(c) No one knows.
(d) He moves in with Kills-close-to-the-lake.

14. What attributes does White Man's Dog hope to gain by painting his body with yellow pigment?
(a) He hopes to gain strength and cunning.
(b) He hopes to gain speed and endurance.
(c) He hopes to gain power and wealth.
(d) He hopes to gain an advantage over his friend, Fast Horse.

15. Who would Red Paint and White Man's Dog like to give the honor of naming the baby to?
(a) Crows Foot.
(b) Fox Eyes.
(c) Rides-at-the-door.
(d) Yellow Kidney.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Fools Crow surprised by that Raven knows?

2. How has Yellow Kidney reacted to his disfigurement since he has returned home to the Lone Eaters?

3. Whose boastful recklessness worries Yellow Kidney because it could bring trouble to the raiding party's success?

4. What do Red Paint and White Man's Dog plan to name their baby?

5. Why can't White Man's Dog tell about Fast Horse's dream and vow as he would like?

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