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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 24 and 25.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Verrall's face is described as _____________________.
(a) intelligent and amused.
(b) hard, fearless, and brutal.
(c) soft, feminine, and curious.
(d) bored and unintelligent.

2. What is Elizabeth's first thought when she thinks of Flory?
(a) She remembers his birthmark first.
(b) She remembers his courage first.
(c) She remembers his drinking first.
(d) She remembers his kindness first.

3. Finally, the doctor tells Flory about his fears regarding ________________________.
(a) U Po Kyin's attempts to bribe him.
(b) the English refusing him entrance to the Club.
(c) Flory's health.
(d) U Po Kyin's plot against him.

4. How does Elizabeth feel when she kills a bird?
(a) Dizzy with her own power over the men
(b) Guilty
(c) Overcome by happiness
(d) Angry at herself

5. The earthquake inspires what kind of feeling in the members of the Club after it is over?
(a) Bravado
(b) Terror
(c) Timidity
(d) Exuberance

Short Answer Questions

1. In what pre-ordained role does Orwell reveal that Elizabeth finds her place?

2. Lackersteen does not want to see his wife because __________________________.

3. Why do the servants threaten to leave if Flory marries a European woman?

4. When Lackersteen invites Verrall to the Club, __________________________.

5. Flory's attitude toward his mistress is ____________________________.

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