The Newcomer Summary
Mary Kay Andrews

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The Newcomer Overview

Mary Andrews' novel, The Newcomer, is the story of Letty Carnahan. The novel picks up a few days after Letty finds the body of her murdered sister, Tanya. Tanya had given Letty instructions in case something happened to her. Letty follows those details, taking a go-back filled with cash and Tanya's daughter Maya to the Murmuring Surf, a motel in Treasure Island, Florida. There isn't a vacancy, but Ava (the owner) recognizes Letty as someone in need. Letty soon settles in as a guest, employee, and a member of the family. The only problem is that Tanya's murderer and her past are creating a dangerous situation for Letty while she struggles to keep Joe (Ava's handsome, police officer son) at bay. The novel explores greed, belonging, and vulnerability.