The Brightest Night Summary
Tui T. Sutherland

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The Brightest Night Overview

Tui Sutherland's fantasy novel, The Brightest Night, is the fifth of the Wings of Fire series. The land of Pyrrhia, inhabited by dragons, has been embroiled in a civil war for almost 20 years. A NightWing prophesied that five dragonets would bring an end to the war. The dragonets now know the prophecy was a lie. However, one of the dragonets, Sunny, believes it is her personal destiny to end the war. Her friends step up to help. Three sisters are vying for the SandWing throne. The problem is that none of the three sisters is suitable to be queen and Sunny solves that with the help of a scavenger named Flower and a magic gem, the Eye of the Onyx, naming another SandWing to the throne. This frees the dragonets to set out on their next adventure – creating a school open to all the tribes to usher in an age of peace. The novel's main themes are a self-fulfilling prophecy, empathy, and loyalty.

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