The Hive Queen Summary
Tui T. Sutherland

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The Hive Queen Overview

Tui Sutherland's fantasy novel, The Hive Queen, is the the 12th book of the Wings of Fire series. In this installment, Cricket, a SilkWing dragon in Pantala, has joined forces with two other SilkWings (Blue and Swordtail) and a LeafWing (Sundew). They hope to prevent war among the tribes. During Cricket's journey, she discovers that Queen Wasp has been lying about several things, including that she has a supernatural power to control the minds of HiveWings and that the Book of Clearsight predicts everything that is going to happen. As Cricket and her friends destroy a plant that is vital to Queen Wasp's continued control over the HiveWings, Cricket realizes an important truth about herself and saves a HiveWing dragonet. The novel's main themes are free will, the effects of familiarity, and right versus wrong.

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