The Poison Jungle Summary
Tui T. Sutherland

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The Poison Jungle Overview

Tui Sutherland's fantasy novel, Wings of Fire Book 13; The Poison Jungle, is the story of Sundew, a LeafWing dragon who has grown up in the Poison Jungle as part of a group focused only on revenge against the HiveWings. Sundew is beginning to have a different view of the situation based on her personal experiences with members of other tribes. She learns that members of her own tribe tried to exploit another tribe which led to disastrous results for the HiveWings. Additionally, she discovers an ancient entity that wants to retake Pantala from the dragons. Sundew and a group of dragons end up fleeing Pantala with the help of an ancient map leading them to Pyrrhia. The novel's main themes revolve around displacement, motivation, and leadership.

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