Winter Turning Summary
Tui T. Sutherland

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Winter Turning Overview

Tui Sutherland's novel, Winter Turning, is the seventh installment of the Wings of Fire series. The fantasy series takes place on the fictional continent of Pyrrhia with dragons as the most important characters. In this novel, an IceWing dragon named Winter discovers that his brother is being held captive by the evil SkyWing, Scarlet. Winter sets out to save his brother and discovers that he needs the help of newfound friends – a SandWing named Qibli, a NightWing named Moon, and a RainWing named Kinkajou – even though he has been trained to believe those tribes are all inferior to IceWings. Winter soon learns that these friendships are more important than his own tribe, including his parents who are willing to sacrifice Winter to maintain their positions within the tribe. The novel's main themes center on friendship, empathy, and family.

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